shutterstock_158487554.jpgIn our lives, the big pot of gold is often our spouse’s next assignment. Will we get lucky and get the duty station of our dreams? I would love to picture my family being assigned to live in San Diego or Pensacola. I polled some of my fellow military spouse bloggers on Facebook to get their opinions on the best duty stations.

Aviano AB, Italy

"Because travel, pizza, and vino! And it's super dog friendly!" Mercedes Snow

"Seconding Aviano Air Base in Italy! From our spot here in Italy you can take a day trip to a handful of different countries. Taking trips and making the most out of the weekends make up for the long hours our spouses put in during the week. The abundant, ridiculously cheap, delicious wine doesn't hurt either!" Jessica Lynn Writes

Hunter Army Airfield, GA

"I loved living at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah GA. There were so many amazing food eateries and lots of history and movies filmed there. It was great for exposing your kids to history and wonderful for weekend getaways! And last but not least Paula Dean lives there lol!" Krystel Spell

Camp Pendleton, CA

"Because of its incredible ocean front location, great restaurants and outdoor activities like surfing and paddleboarding. We took advantage of its proximity to incredible destinations like San Diego, Los Angeles, Big Sur, Yosemite National Park, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree National Park, Las Vegas, San Francisco and more." Lauren Saglimbene

Fort Campbell, KY

"Fort Campbell because you have everything you need and a lot of things you want close by. Low cost of living so it is easy to buy a house if you want to. Lots of stuff going on for kids and families." Julie Mason Provost

Fort Lewis, WA

"I really enjoyed Ft Lewis — close to Seattle and Portland and SO much to do in the surrounding area: we hiked Mt Rainier and made a summit attempt one summer, kayaked up in the San Juan Islands, went to Vancouver and Whistler in Canada, took a long weekend and drove down to Napa Valley in CA. Also, travel to Hawaii was inexpensive (We went 3 times while we were at Lewis- paid less than $1000 total for airfare each time, the red eye always had seats) and the FOOD! Especially seafood and the farmers markets." Kristen Smith

Washington, D.C.

"I'm loving being in DC. Yes it can be pricey but Bah is good and if you're a history need you can't beat it, plus the ocean is warmer here!" Rheanna Christine

"I am seconding DC. I loved living there when my husband was at 8th and I. It is expensive but if you do your research you can easily find an apartment that fits budget and live well. I loved having a normal GOOD job and having all that culture and history right at my fingertips. I adore DC and even though we are country kids at heart my husband and I both want to go back some day. We lived in Alexandria, VA, which was just so incredibly perfect." Allie O'Brien Lovette

Fort Rucker, AL

"We're at Fort Rucker now and love it! It's so beautiful down here in Southeast Alabama. It's very quiet, laid-back and slow, and you can't beat the constant hum of helicopters flying over. We're just two hours from the Florida coast, which makes for a quick trip. We're really enjoying our time here." Chantal M. Shelstad

Elgin AFB, FL

"Eglin AFB beautiful white sand beaches in my back yard!!! Small town living with great activities for the whole family!!! If you look at my pictures you will see what I'm talking about." Cydne Ryann Stewart

Navy Base Kitsap, WA

"We LOVE WA! My DH was Navy as was stationed at Naval Base Kitsap. It's gorgeous and if you like outdoor activities this is the place for you!" Shanna Miller

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, NC

"Cherry Point! Able to travel throughout the east coast, steer clear of the snow in the winter and summer time is not as muggy/humid as it is further south. It's just right! Traffic is light, more of a mix of city meets country, everyone is not in a big rush but they're not as slow as molasses either. And of course the short drive to the wonder & WARM ocean in the summer! :))" Jennifer Butta

Fort Wainwright, AK

"Fort Wainwright, Alaska!!! Dear heavens I cried when we left. I'm going to miss it! Where else can you see the Northern Lights dance across the sky, enjoy 24 hours of light in the summer, have moose and other wildlife walk through your back yard. Pan for gold, fish for salmon on the coast? Downtown closes down the main street and has good old-fashioned festivals and parades - including one to honor the military in the community. The chamber of commerce puts on a banquet/ball each year, honoring the military. For those that like visiting Hawaii - you can get hops or cheap tickets to there from Alaska. It is such a laid-back environment. It was amazing!!" Conni Dahl Smith


"I am always going to say anywhere in Europe, not only for the travel but for the opportunities to grow and mature as a person. There's nothing like living out of your comfort zone for an unexpected enrichment of your life. Sometimes staying stateside will stagnate those opportunities. If I had to pick one duty station over here, I'd say Stuttgart, because of its central location, size (amenities overseas), and it's just a great milcommunity with all the services represented (Army, Navy, AF and Marines). I blog about life over here and try to get folks ready to moving and living overseas at" Raquel Hickman Thiebes

Sasebo Japan

"Sasebo, Japan. I was terrified to go move OCONUS, but living within and learning about a completely different culture was so rewarding I ended up not wanting to leave after my husband's tour was over. We went on many trips throughout Japan as well as in Korea and Thailand so we could take full advantage of our time on that side of the world. We children don't remember living there, but my daughter loves telling people she was born in Japan. It's a beautiful country, and I miss it!" Heather Sweeney

I am hoping a little leprechaun will lead us all the way to the sunny beaches of Pensacola Florida! Where does your rainbow lead you? Please share your favorite duty stations (and why) in the comments!