5 Tips to Keep Your Furry Friends Safe this Halloween

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Spooky noises, strangely dressed humans, lots of food that shouldn't be part of their diet... Halloween for pets can be terrifying!

Let's keep our furry friends happy and safe this Halloween!


Here are 5 things to keep in mind this Halloween to keep your pet safe:


Ensure your Pet is micro chipped or wearing a collar.

and that the information is up to date. If you will be entertaining trick or treating children there is a greater chance your pet can slip out.  I recently found a dog roaming my neighborhood. The dog’s microchip address was still registered in Virginia, so the dog ended up stuck with the local authorities. With each move, do not forget to update your pet’s information in case they escape!


Keep the candy well out of reach.

(you don’t want to share those peanut butter cups anyway). A trip to the emergency vet is that last thing you need this Halloween. If your pet happens to ingest chocolate, Petmd.com offers details on symptoms to look for if you suspect chocolate poisoning: increased heart rate, vomiting, rapid breathing, seizures, and diarrhea. Another item that can be poisonous to dogs includes Halloween candies containing the artificial sweetener xylitol.


Keep your pets away from Halloween decorations.

Lit jack-o-lanterns are a fire hazard when knocked over and can easily light a tail on fire! Be sure electric cords and decorative gourds are not accessible for pets to try to snack on. I know from experience, pumpkin laden vomit is NOT pleasant to clean up.


Keep your pets inside.

As terrible as it is, pets are often victims of pranks and vandalism attempts on Halloween. Better safe than sorry to keep your outdoor pets inside with you and out of harm’s way on this night.


If you are going to dress up your pet,

(I hope you do and share the pictures in the comments!!) Make sure your pet is comfortable and that there are no parts that can come loose and become a choking hazard.


Have a fun and safe Halloween! 


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