5 Tips to Help You Through a Move if You Work from Home



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Moving, we all do it. Whether you are an active duty family moving across the country or a National Guard family moving to a new city, the moving process can take a toll on our stress levels. Packing our lives into boxes, staying organized to ensure unpacking is seamless and getting situated into your new home is enough to think about without adding the additional worry of work. If you work remotely, you know that it can have many benefits such as; no traffic or long commutes and the ability to work within your own environment.


How convenient is working from home when you are in the middle of a move?


You’re packing and your house is total chaos, you are now reaching the point where your work area needs to be packed up. You may be working off packed boxes and on watch to ensure no one touches and packs the Wi-Fi router!


What are you to do when your work environment is in shambles? We want or may need to continue to work, however if you don’t have a plan on how to do so, you may realize that not only your productivity is slipping, but somewhere along the move so is your sanity.


I am recently recovering from moving while working from home so these tips are personal, yet extremely helpful to not losing your mind.


Here are 5 tips to help you through a move if you work from home.


Communicate about your move: Make sure you engage with your boss and team about your upcoming move. Keep them in the loop and you might be surprised the understanding and encouraging words you receive. Again, moving is something we generally all have in common so you may see that your team can relate.


Take time off: If you can swing it, take the vacation time needed to move. Your head should be focused on work; not counting down the hours to lunch time so you can unpack the kitchen. Don’t take it lightly and save yourself the hassle and stress.


Make your work moving to-do list: Once you have your move date make a list of what needs to be done to stay organized and on track with work. Do you have any appointment deadlines due around packing and moving? Also, don’t forget to schedule your internet hook up in your new home well in advance. Label boxes “office” and have those unpacked first so that you can get your new office area ready to go.


Get out of the house: There will be a point where everything is packed up and you won’t have your space or equipment anymore. If you’re like me, I am about organization and routine, so having boxes all around me and no desk was a big no-no for my work productivity. Even if the boxes don’t bother you, it is good for your mental health to take a few hours and get out of the house. Find a space that works for you to work; a coffee shop or perhaps the library. The Wi-Fi is free and you are able to escape some of the mess for a part of your day.


Make time for you: I think self-care is needed, you may know that already. Don’t let the move take control of your life to the point your health begins to suffer. Find the time to do what you would normally do, whether it be working out, getting enough sleep or ensuring your diet is balanced. It is easy to forget about these things during a hectic move, but I promise you if you take care of yourself, you will end up being more productive at work.


Have you moved while working from home? What tips do you have? Share with us in the comments below.


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