4 Ways to Help Remove the Fear and Bring in the Fun While Moving



I am not a fan of anything terrifying. I could live the rest of my life and not miss scary shows, spiders, dark back roads and clowns. If you are easily frightened like me, you will be relieved to be able to remove a MAJOR event from your list of things that scare you: moving


Here are four ways to help remove the fear and bring in the fun while moving:


Take Steps to Be Prepared: Just like studying for a big exam, studying and preparing for your move will make a world of difference in your stress level. And if you are not stressed, your kids, spouse and pets will not be stressed. Here are some resources to help prepare your children, kitchen, officebedroom and bathroom.


Take advantage of the opportunity: This is an opportunity to purge clutter, redesign your home decor, make room for new memories, make new friends, explore a new area, travel, get a new job, and find a new favorite restaurant. Think about how invigorating a fresh start can be! This is also a great time to spend as a family. There are no competing activities during a move, you are all in, packed up and headed to the next place together! Use this transition time to strengthen your family bonds (or at least to keep the bickering during travel to a minimum… don’t make me pull this car over…)


Look for the silver lining: Take a week to revisit your favorite things about the place you are leaving. This will be a nice fun break from the moving stressors. You can also help your kids make a memory book of your favorite places and friends. Talk to your children about the new town and new school they will be attending. Plan to explore the new and exciting opportunities your next duty station has to offer that you do not have currently (near a beach, theme park, museum, landmark, national park etc.).


Be thankful: Moving is difficult because you are leaving people you love. How very lucky are we to live in a supportive tight knit military community!? Not many people know the love and support we are lucky enough to live with on a daily basis.


Hopefully focusing on the tasks above will make moving less of a scary and distressing burden and more of a fun adventure. If I could now just convince myself there is a silver lining to the existence of spiders …


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