What I Wish I Knew Before My Last Move

We are in PCS orders season. Now that I have a few moves under my belt, I have learned something from each and every move. Have you ever thought, “I wish someone would have told me this before I moved?!” Check out these 7 PCS tips from military spouses.

4 Steps to Help Calm the Anxiety of New PCS Orders

Have you recently received PCS orders? If so, you’re not alone. Check out these four tips to help reduce the anxiety of learning to navigate a new place.

Make your move a TOUCHDOWN!

Make your next move a TOUCHDOWN, with these easy to follow tips for your PCS playbook.

New Year in a New Home

Five tips to help ensure your home buying experience in 2015 goes smoothly.

Holiday Baking: Military Edition

Food is a great way to bond with an old friend, get closer to someone new, bring comfort in a time of need, and can reduce the stress of the recipient greatly! Save the ones you care about from sad holiday fast food eating and bring them a homemade (or at least heartfelt) meal!

Tis the Season to be Moving

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...or not if you are at my house. All of my stockings are packed in boxes next to the chimney with care and I hope that St. Nicholas gets my change of address request! Moving is stressful any time, but can be a bigger burden during the most wonderful time of the year. But fear not, here are ways to ensure you still have yourself a merry little Christmas.

Must Have Packing Essentials for Traveling with Baby

Planes trains or automobiles, traveling with your infant can be intimidating! Here are a few packing must haves to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch!

9 Ways to Prep Your Home for a Holiday Absence

It is the holiday season and for many of us that live away from our extended family, it means a time of traveling! Here are a few things you can to do to leave your home safe and sound for an extended trip.

4 Ways to Help Remove the Fear and Bring in the Fun While...

Minimizing the fear factor of moving is easier with just a few steps. Preparation and a positive mindset can help turn this event into fun.

YOLO: Going Solo to a Military Ball

You only live once, so why not attend a ball solo? Here is why I think you should strongly consider attending the ball even without your spouse, partner or date.