Easter Egg Hunt: Finding a Home to Rent

If you are hunting for a rental home this Easter, how do you find one that will not stink after the first few months of living there? Follow these simple steps to be in a great rental this Spring season.


Great Road Trip Applications

If you are lucky to live somewhere where the weather is nice, you may prefer a stay-cation for any upcoming vacation plans, but if the open road is calling your name here are some nifty apps to make your time on the road all the more enjoyable!

A PCS Pot of Gold

If you are stationed in one of these locations, you may have had a bit of luck on your side!

New Homes and Garden Gnomes

Considering a new home purchase this spring? Here are five tips to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Pregnancy and Pets

Prepping your pet is almost as important as getting the nursery ready. Follow these simple steps and your pet and baby will be best friends in no time!

Decision Making: Living On or Off Base

How do you choose whether to live on or off post? Here are some considerations for both options.

Wooing Your Packers

If you are moving this Valentine’s Day the most important people for you to butter up are you movers and packers. They are the ones who will be transporting all of your precious cargo. Here are my tips to make sure they treat all of your worldly goods with the care they deserve.

My Hope for Military Families

In the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I was inspired to share my dreams for military families. It is a new year and a chance for many of us to have a fresh start. My hopes for military families require just a small positive change from us all.

Sharing Pregnancy Joy During a Deployment

Pregnancy is an exciting time for every family, and sharing that excitement and joy is a bit harder when your spouse is deployed. Luckily, there are many ways to keep your deployed spouse in the know about your growing baby!

12 Days of Holidays Travel Preparation

Do not get bogged down with the stresses of traveling. I've outlined 12 Christmas travel preparation tips. Remember that this time of year is about giving and recognizing all of the things you have to be joyful for. Cherish this time with your loved ones and family.