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Shop before you drop in Florida

Oct 6, 2017

All you angry people ready to leave that live in Florida need to shop around. Good insurance is hard to find. If you cancel your h...

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Try collecting!! The policy sounds great, fantastic coverage...but try collecting after a catastophe!!! The response yo...
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Do you know how good your policy is compared to USAA's? USAA has the most comprehensive Homeowner's Policy in the indus...

st. Maarten island

Sep 8, 2017

I've been using Facebook and Twitter, to relay emergency information. Has anyone heard from St. Maarten Island?I'm @sportswoman11....

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USAA Social Service
Hello. Was your question for us. If so I'm unable to provide you an update regarding St. Maarten Island. Thank you! - D...

Hurricane Irma Emergency Evacuation - Verify

Sep 8, 2017

Can this FB post be verified?? Is this information true? Please advise.🛑ATTENTION🛑: USAA membersIf your zone is evacuated and yo...

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Jon Doe1
Be very careful. I evacuated and my expenses were refused because my block was not in a MANDATORY zone. With a hurrican...
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USAA Social Service
SteveGuess, I am glad to hear that you are safe after the hurricane came through. It is great to hear that we were able...

USAA Homeowners Insurance

Sep 7, 2017

I was told in the past by a USAA agent that my homeowners policy covers accessory structures as well as my residence. Is this accu...

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USAA Social Service
As long as the screened patio is on your property yes it would be covered. - Ralph
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USAA Social Service
Good question, Rat Wife. I've sent a request for a colleague to address this. Please note that they are closed at this ...


Aug 31, 2017

I no longer use nor recommend USAA. They donot offer the Texas Veteran Program, not enough money for them. They say they paid you ...

How do you keep your utility bills down in the summer?

Jul 3, 2017

Keeping your home cool in hot summer temperatures can get pricey in a hurry. How do you keep your utility bills down in the summer...

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Briana Hartzell USAA
Thanks for commenting CareBear77! Great idea to use box fans and skip the AC. I think I would use it as an excuse to he...
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Personally my house has some leaky windows so I refuse to use my AC just because if i turn it on all I would see in my ...

Well I guess it's time to leave usaa

Jun 6, 2017

I was told today that since my a.c. has a short in it that I can't fix if my house was to catch on fire it would be my fault

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USAA Social Service
Jtl123, I am sorry to hear about you air conditioner. I definitely want to have your concerns reviewed further. I have ...

Home line of equity loan modification

Jun 5, 2017

Is USSA giving home loan modifications on home equity linebof credit? If the loan is charged off can I still get a loan omodificat...

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USAA Social Service
Olympus, We are not offering home equity loan modifications to our members at this time. If you would like to discuss w...
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Hi thankl you for your response. Are you offering any loan modifications for my loan?

Hail damage payout

Jun 5, 2017

Hail destroyed my roof. I got a claim approved and a check in the mail less deductible and pro-rated amount. The roofers are telli...


May 31, 2017

My homeowners' rates have gone up by 70 percent since 2012!! In Virginia. Completely outrageous. I will be shopping for new insura...

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USAA Social Service
Thank you for the post Navyswo please let us know when a good time to call you would be so we can set up a callback wit...
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USAA Social Service
Navyswo, your concerns about rising rates for homeowners insurance is understandable. We will be happy to have a member...
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