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Why rent?

Nov 7, 2015

I think everyone should buy a home. All of your BAH is being waisted if you rent. If you're buying the house then the money stays ...

General Contractor

Nov 4, 2015

Hi all, I am looking for a general contractor in zip code 21014 area, preferably a roofer and a plumber. Can someone call me at (x...

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Hi Mo! Best of luck to you in your contractor search! In order to protect the privacy of our members on an open forum, ...


Oct 14, 2015

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Hi Lifequan, I don't see that your comment posted. Is there anything we are able to help you with?

3 bed room 2 bath around 2300sq foot

Oct 9, 2015

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Hi there glassfish! If you have any photos, I encourage you to upload them here as well! Best of luck to you!

Home for rent

Oct 9, 2015

I am thinking about renting to own any thoughts or advice for first time home buyer?

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Best of luck to you, ApacheSoldier82!

Tree Damage

Sep 29, 2015

I had a tree branch fall on a car in my driveway. Damage probably no more than $400. Is it worth filing a claim for this? In addit...

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Thank you taspole for your helpful comment. GlobalH, To better understand what’s covered in your homeowner policy, you ...
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Thanks for checking!


Sep 23, 2015

Initially I posted a horrible expirience I had with USAA Home Mortgage. I was a 1st time home buyer and had applied for a mortgage...

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Irish tornado, I can't tell you how great it is to read your comment. I appreciate you sharing that altough things were...
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Thanks for sharing your story. I hope mine also has a good ending. I'm giving USAA a second chance after a bad mortgage...

Just plain Fed Up.

Sep 12, 2015

My husband and I are both prior militiary. We have finally decided to leave USAA and are currently in search for a new financial i...

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awful right?!! It has seriously put us in the WORST position financially we have ever been in. what makes it even worst...
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Dear WholeFamily, Thank you for your posts in the community. As moderators, we have a team of experts from each area in...

Takes than 5 minutes to find out amount pre-qualified for...

Sep 1, 2015

USAA.COM Mortgage website reads that you can find out the amount you are pre-qualified for a home in 5 minutes, but that is false....

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Dear member, We appreciate the feedback you have shared and will look into what we can do to streamline the online pre-...

ADT Alarm System

Aug 21, 2015

We've had an ADT alarm system for many years and will always have a home alarm system. The peace of mind is fantastic, whether at ...

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Rick_S., Thank you for sharing your comments here. I would like to get someone in touch with you to discuss this change...
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