this webspage certificate is NOT up to date

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Contributor this page shows a certificate that has NOT been updated... i simple user like me can show you it needs updated... the logon pages and many others have been updated according to USAA notes on their landing page, however it doe no good to have this certificate old and possible comprimised,, way to go guru,

have a great day




I am uncertain of what issue you are talking about. When I click on the link you provided I receive no error.


1. Your link is to a Member Community Forum Posting.


2. Within that posting there is no mention of a "certificate".


3. If while clicking on the link provided you received a "certificate error" than it was either:


  • The USAA Member Community Website (temporary error now fixed)
  • Your Browser
  • Unknown Error

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USAA can't begin to address your concerns until they hear from you.


Thanks for your post.