In regards to credit card usage the sweet spot is no more than 40% of credit limit. In regards to balances that are getting reported as long as the balance reports a change in the balance it would be a positive listing.
You need to use your credit card to make it work for you. I had a finance major as my last LT, and he said to never go below 20% or over 50% of your credit limit on your card. So if you are going to pay it down every bill cycle, do not pay below 20%. I hope this helps. Good luck on the house. Semper fi

In the past I made some very poor choices with lines of credit, maxed out credit cards, went delinquet on student loans, ect. was overwhelmed by the payments, and could not make my payments on any of it and the accounts went into default. I have since paid everything negative on my credit report off, but there are still a few accounts haunting me and my credit score is stuck in a stall. I have a credit card that I use very seldom, if I charge what the minimum payment is that is it and it is paid in full every month. My credit report is very very vague, most accounts are closed that are on it. I took out an auto loan to try and get some positive payment status on my reports. but my score is still decreasing. what can I do to help my score climb. other than my recent car loan I hav no debt on my report. I have disputed negative items with the beureus and the companies update the account and it makes things worse. my score is stuck at the 630-640 range and will not break 650. my credit length is good, its like 11 years, my recent payment history is good, my credit to debt ratio is good. If I don't use my credit card it hurts me, if I use it too much it hurts me, I'm at a loss on what I can do. My husband and I would like to take out a construction loan to build a new house within the next year or so and I'm afraid that we wont be able to do that because my credit score just wont climb.