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May 28, 2017

Negative posts are being removed from the open form board that everyone can view and moved to your community profile that can't be...

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Perfect Storm
They are removing the posts and funneling them to a thread with hundreds of posts. I had one of mine removed too. I gue...
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Removing posts??!!  W-O-W!  Speechless...

You have the best pens

May 27, 2017

Any chance I can get my hands on some of the pens your reps give away at public events? Best pens I've ever used.

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Where can I get a pen, I feel like jamming it in my eye.
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USAA Social Service
What an excellent question, 1776NJ. I'm not sure, but I'm happy to ask and see what I can do. As soon as I have more in...

How do you find an auto glass (not windshield) replacemen...

May 26, 2017

On Tuesday, I was the victim of a smash (side window) and grab (leather tote with computer, work papers, make-up bag, presecriptio...

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USAA Social Service
Dr. Nana Mom - Thank you for sharing the additional information. I have contacted a specialist in our claims department...
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Dr. Nana Mom
Thanks, Robert. I'm hoping this can be resolved. With an upcoming holiday weekend, I see time slipping away and don't w...

Thumbs up

May 25, 2017

Noticed I can't like posts. I LIKE ALL THE POSTS SLAMMING USAA

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Open individual posts, and go nuts.

USAA Bumper Stickers

May 25, 2017

Can I also get some bumper stickers? I currently have two cars insured by USAA, and I've been a member for many years. Can y'all p...

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After dropping Sean Hannity, I do not want to see another USAA bumper sticker!!!
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E-Mail Scam

May 21, 2017

I'm receiving e-mails from USAA Online <DASFOX> requesting to verify my USAA account information.This is appears to be a scam - please for</DASFOX>...

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USAA Social Service
Thanks for the heads up, security 101. Please forward any suspicious email received to Security is a to...

USAA car stickers

May 18, 2017

Hello, is there anyway I can get some USAA car stickers ???Thank you in advance

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USAA Social Service
Thank you for your long membership with USAA justice1877. I gladly sent them out to you and they will most likely arriv...

Cyber Token

May 12, 2017

What's the difference between using the USAA mobile app cyber token code generator and down loading the app? Th...

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The cyber code generator is located under "Security" and you can also find it by looking for the padlock logo with the ...
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So I found out you can use cyber token with out having the cyber token option. You can choose text code, and verify. Af...


May 10, 2017

Anyone getting things asking for you to click on a link that kind of look like they're legit but if they are they need to have inf...

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USAA Social Service
Hello Runts, I appreciate you taking the time to post. We use a personalized USAA Security Zone stamp on every email we...
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Oh I also could NOT even get a email address since he didn't or couldn't find it!!? Seriously..making me rethink my ins...

Technical non-support

May 8, 2017

I swear if I have to speak with one rock-with-lips level one technical support resource... I have a technical issue with the USAA ...

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What is the issue? Maybe I can help. Elaborate on what you were doing/trying to do. Also, any error messages.
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USAA Social Service
WatchOut123, I'm sorry to hear that you've had a frustrating experience with our Technical Support team. We strive to p...
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