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auto claim

Aug 25, 2016

I filed a claim for a cracked windshield after I recently changed my coverage, I was driving home and something just happen to hit...

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goldeneagle, USAA values your membership and we really do appreciate your feedback. We apologize for the the experience...

Usaa windshield discounts

Aug 25, 2016

Who offers windsield discounts for usaa members in the Sulphur Louisiana area?

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RobertM USAA
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RobertM USAA
Christym, Thanks for reaching out. The glass provider that USAA works with is Safelite. You have the option to use any ...

Windshield & Customer Service

Aug 25, 2016

I'm very disappointed in USAA and their coverage of windshield replacement. I have been a member for at least 10 yrs & my family a...

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RobertM USAA
Disappointed9999, Thank you for sharing your feedback in Member Community. We will have a claims specialist research yo...

rude phone call

Aug 23, 2016

I had the worst experience on the phone today with a USAA representitive first name Cruz (unable to get last name) I work for a do...

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RobertM USAA
sammie17, Thank you for sharing in Member Community. I regret to hear that you had this type of experience. Your feedba...

Diminished value nightmare 2014 Subaru WRX STI

Aug 22, 2016

Let me start off by saying that I have been a loyal USAA customer since 2010 with a pristine driving record... On 19 May 2016 (clo...

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Aim___high, Thank you for reaching out to allow us a chance to advocate on your behalf. I am working with our claims de...


Aug 16, 2016

The day I purchased the policy I had got into an accident. Under my impression and assumption when I had talked to USAA the day I ...

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I am not saying that you did this, however there are many people who would try to get insurance after they had an accid...
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I just don't understand why the policy didn't take into affect the same day I paid for it.


Aug 15, 2016

I had a blowout today and Rescue Rangers was dispatched to change my tire and put air in my spare at 10:46 am. I was given a 1 hou...

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Trojan101, We can see how this was a frustrating process you had to go through regarding your recent Roadside claim. To...

Usaa is a ripoff

Aug 12, 2016

Okay let me start off by saying my car got stolen. I called usaa and told them what happend, and they said wait 20 days to see if ...

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If your sound system was not factory installed it may be excluded (or coverage limited) in most auto policies. If it is...
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I really doubt USAA told you to screw off. If you car damage was greater than your deductible you should be compensated...


Aug 12, 2016

I know at one time you offered maps. I'm referencing the state maps used for driving, I know this is an outdated idea but I prefer...

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Cynthia USAA
Rebecca2016, Thank you for your inquiry. I can understand your preference for maps as opposed to GPS. As MsSpam mention...
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When we travel we always stopped at rest stops to pick up a free map of the state once you crossed the state line. I th...

Direct Deposit

Aug 11, 2016

Is anyone having an issue with direct deposit today I usually have my direct deposit by 7am and it is almost 3 pm and haven't rece...

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Chris871, Thank you for posting in the Community. I attempted to reach out to you by phone but was only able to leave a...
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No problem with my direct deposit and received as expected
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