Worst ever, any where and by any company


To use a standard phrase of USAA, "this will take 2-3 Business Days". The process to become a member of USAA after they have you money is the worse ever. I started march the 4th and decided it's NOT worth it today March 28th. They have everything they need including my money and I can't get it back "this will take 2-3 Business Days". 


If anyone else can read this this company DO NOT care about those that fight for freedom, JUST YOUR MONEY..


Stop crying! There is procedures and policies like any other bank. I have not had a problem yet I have been a member for almost a year. Love it!
Seriously dude? Have you tried calling and speaking to someone? You can get a person on the phone who will help you within seconds unless there's a wait, which has only happened to me once in 5 years.
Yeah im going to have to blow the BS whistle on this one.
USAA has so many advantages over other institutions. I agree with an earlier comment - call if you have an issue. They will go out of their way to help you.
I call them all the time for various services, advice, etc. and they not only answer quickly every single time, but they go out of their way to help me out. I had a question about car insurance and the woman on the phone couldn't answer the question, but she called me back within 10 minutes with everything I needed. It's never taken them more than 2-3 business days to process any of the paperwork I've submitted. Been a member since 2010. I'll never bank with anyone else.
I certainly can understand your frustrations! !! Would you rather be told 27-2910 buisness days??? This is what most banks tell you to be honest. USAA turn around time is faster than ANY OTHER Banks. So my suggestion to you would be to try and exercise your patience a little. My spouse are members of USAA for 18 years. So we've experienced a lot. Believe me, this bank is the better choice!!!
*Correction 7-10 buisness days?

I hacve never heard of anyone having a problem with the service this company provides. In faxct, I have had three vehicles financed by them. In every case, everything was approved by phone and the paperwork came later. I don't know what your problem was, but apprently you expect some one in a busy company to drop everything to fix your problem and it didn't happen in a time frame you had in mind. The rates are the lowest I ever saw for insurance and percentages on loans. You're almost guarenteed a loan if you can breath. So really, blasting them doesn't really fly here. I think you forgot to critically think out problems. Reevaluate and stop the pity party.


i agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY with this comment, and bravo for standing up.  ive been a member 20+ years and currently pulling ALL of my accounts.  to the clowns who wrote, "why dont you call someone?"  SERIOUSLY???  yeah, call and try to get the voice activiated system to work, type in 10 different passwords and verifications, wait on hold 10 minutes- ONLY TO HAVE THE CLOWN WHO PICKS UP ASK YOU FOR THE SAME EXACT INFORMATION AGAIN BEFORE HE "helps" you.  then after several transfers to actually get to someone who knows something there or is "in the right department" to do what you are asking, you still end up waiting for days.  explain to me why there is a 7 day waiting period to transfer money from my USAA savings account to my kid's USAA coverdell account???  there isnt a check to clear, THE MONEY IS THERE!!!!  it electronically leaves the one account the moment i hit enter, but doesnt show in the other account for 7 days???  are they waiting for some midget to walk a stack of bills over to someone's desk??? ITS ALL ELECTRONIC.

and there arent enough characters in this post to discuss the abysmal claims service on insurance. 

do yourself a favor, TAKE YOUR MONEY SOMEWHERE ELSE!!