I join USAA had my car refinance also have car insurance with them ,and got a credit card to help rebuild my credit I was told that if I made 5 on time payments that my credit limit would go up when I called to get a credit limit increase I was denied , I was in shock I have 3 accounts with them and was never late or miss a payment on any of these accounts they ran a credit check on me and now my score has gone down because of this , I never had a problem with USAA till now , and after going online to read what other members had run into some had been members 10 to 20 years and they where not happy with the customer service , and where thinking of leaving , which is what I am going to do am not happy that with the fact that I got credit card just for rebuilding my credit and then they run a credit check then denied , I wasn't applying for auto or home loan just a credit limit increase on an existing account , I did everything I was told to do , i did everything right more importantly I was a good on time paying customer and now I am being punish I won't be a customer much longer I don't appreciate being lied to just for a company to make money no way to treat your active military or veterans


I'm sorry you feel that way, but unfortunately your credit score going down doesn't have anything to do with USAA. Each time you have a hard hit on your credit (applying for loans, credit cards, etc.) your credit score goes down a point or two. Especially with you opening up three different accounts in such a small time frame, it took even more of a hit on your credit. It's not necessarily a bad thing, it just means you're going to have to take a bit longer than 5 months to build that back up. I highly recommend using going to CreditKarma.com. I've been using it for about 2 years now, and it helps give you a fairly accurate review of your credit and what kind of things affect it - good or bad. It doesn't actually pull your credit, so you don't have to worry about any soft hits. Instead, based on your account information and other factors, it gives you a general idea of what your credit score is and let's you monitor it. What CreditKarma thinks my credit score is and what my actual credit score is is usually within 10 points of each other. Just wait it out a couple months, typically with people who have very little to no credit will have more of an impact after applying to multiple loans or credit cards in a short time frame. Just spend about another 5 months paying everything off on time, if not over, and you should he able to get that credit increase.
Im so happy with USAA
I have never had any problems with their decision, support our help. This is true you can have good stuff on your credit report, or bad stuff, ask USAA CS what are the good stuff. Thank you for your APPLES
USAA, has made inquiries to my credit report and I have the premium credit program through USAA all done without my permission I'm in my late fifthties and one day hoped to purchase a home but for 30+ years I have had to endure retribution from the VA. My credit score went from enough to qualify for a VA home loan to a score of 508 in the course of four months.