USAA put out there 2014 pay chart stating when they would pay all military. This month they were suppose to pay military on March 29... I still dont see my check. What the heckis up with that.


My calendar says pay is available on March 31
I didn't get pay. NFCU customers got pay. What happen with USAA?
I wish I could put the chart in my comment. But it says funds available with usaa march 29.... idk what is going on!!

The chart shows that pay will be direct deposited on the 31st. Not the 29th. Link https://www.usaa.com/inet/pages/faq_BankWS_Direct_Deposit_Payday_index

Correct it's always the day before the first unless the first lands on a weekend then it will be direct deposit the Friday before, a side note you will never see a pay get deposited on Saturday which would of been the 29th of this month. Pay will be in your account around 6am this morning
Were do you get the pay chart ?
What time does USAA start depositing Checks?