I was in the 92% now I am in the 8%.

USAA won't let me post my letter here.

So I made a website - www.USAAsuckskma.com


Read it.




Your URL is bad.  states usaasuckskma but goes to usaasucks.  Later doesn't exist and former isn't established.  Sad.

Thanks. You reassured me people do read the collage of opinions and facts on this page.

Where your system took you I do not know?

Website is being built, try it again.


I too could not access the link you provided (server not found). Also, while it saddens us to hear that any of our members have experienced less than stellar service, we do not remove posts simply because a member has shared a less than favorable review of USAA. As long as your letter meets the moderation guidelines it will not be removed.

Here I am impressed to see USAA is paying attention, but your lack of patience is amuzing. Here is 5 days and your site isn't up yet they responded to you faster?

Even a URL USAA screw up. USAA only hyperlinked part of tje URL.

Try the correct URL     www.USAASUCKSKMA.com

See this time it did not hyperlink it. Scroll, copy and paste into browser.


Ok in defence of USAA and any other coders, program writers, and geeks:

The problem is between the chair and the keyboard.

Your first post link propertiest:


Your second post properties:



First does not work, second one does. Although you made a statement of collage of comments from other customers, yet none can be seen because the page is underconstruction. I know being a network computer administrator of 19 years it doesn't take 5 days to even start a page let alone post comments.


Please for the love of sanity, if you're going to make a statement, be able to atleast back it up. Don't waste time.


I came here to submit a complaint and found yours appalling. I have already commented on yours 2 times now and completed mine, of which is backed up with proof, and 5 times longer.


"USAA won't let me post my letter!" Please use some logic. If you know anything about computers (building a webpage) you would know to convert to text and be able to manage and/or copy/paste to just about anywhere. Just remove foul language and PII.