We apologize for the inconvenience and the recent issues encountered with the My Budget tool.  We continue to address technical fixes to provide better functionality of the My Budget tool and are reviewing all member feedback for future revisions.


USAA is currently focused on decreasing load times, eliminating the duplication of sub categories, eliminating the duplication of credit card payments, and fixing the “save” functionality.


We do appreciate your patience and we will continue to provide updates so we can serve you better. For more information on the My Budget tool, please visit our Money Manager web page and reference the information under the My Budget section.


We have also updated the Frequently Asked Questions page.


Thank you



Now My Budget app does not allow you to look at past months..... it did shortly then stopped again.


Please forward this and have it fixed.

Thanks rmj. I have passed this along.


This is the kind of response USAA members are accustomed to.

Thank you for listening to us.


I was so sad to open the MyBudget tab one day and find that the spending plan I had carefully tailored and tracked for several years was gone - replaced with an unusable budget I can't get to work for me. I loved the old tool. so frustrating!

My budget will still not allow me to go look at previous months spending. 



1. I can't add new catagories to the new pre-set budget areas (Housing, Food, Medical/Dental, etc)

2. I can't move catagories from one budget area to the other. (When everything changed my catagory fell under "Auto" and I can't move it)


Fix these two things and this almost becomes usable again.

The budget tool is still not working. I called the support hotline last week and was told they would look into my specific issue, which appears to be a global issue. Can anyone at USAA provide me an update on when it will be functional? Migration can be difficult, but communication is key.



At the top of this thread there's a link to an FAQ about My Budget. To USAA's credit, It includes a few answers that actually address the problems. This one gives a time frame:


"USAA has identified and is correcting the issues that have surfaced since the launch of the new tool on June 28, 2014. Updates to the tool have been implemented since then and additional fixes will be made by the end of September."


I was glad to see them admitting the problems, however, each day that passes I become more pessimistic. For example, I have yet to see ANY of the issues corrected as they claim. About every other day, I go into My Budget, try to change a single cash value on one category and delete another category. I have to sit for about 10 minutes waiting for the change to happen. Then I save it and refresh the page (another 5 minutes) and the updates are gone. Nothing changes.



Until I have control over what categories are tracked by the My Budget tool and can add or delete which main category houses what subcategory, this tool will not help me.  I want to use it, but I can't. 


As an example, I want all of my scheduled transactions and monthly transfers under whatever title I think they should be under.  I want the majority of my unscheduled purchases, such as groceries, entertainment, travel, etc, to be collectively rolled up under miscellaneous because collectively, I want my Miscellaneous category to house all of my discretionary spending.  I don't want to track food, entertainment, etc, as separate categories.  I don't think I can currently do that.


Please let me know when this option is available.  Until then, the "My Budget" tool really isn't useful to me.