Now My Budget app does not allow you to look at past months..... it did shortly then stopped again.


Please forward this and have it fixed.

Thanks rmj. I have passed this along.

There has to be an uncatorgized section in my budget like my spending to plan to cover transactions that are not part of the normal montly budget.   Money in and out for vacation, weddings, or other stuff.   My budget puts it in there no matter what and I then have to go through everything and sort it out.   Please see if they will do this.  

USAA has made it abundantly clear they have no regard for customer satisfaction.  In the midst of multiple complaints regarding the My Budget web version, they have now updated their mobile app to include the same useless program. It is obvious to me now that USAA does not read nor actively respond to their numerous customer complaints.  My fix to the latest My Budget mobile update is this: 

1) Switch banks

2) Move to Mint.com

USAA's leadership has stood behind this colossal failure long enough to bring their decision-making ability into question.  I am no longer certain they are fit to manage my money.


Whoooweeee, I'm curious, shouldn't YOU manage your money? I mean after all you worked your tail (you can't use curse words in this forum) off for it right, so why would you hand your money off to some desk jockey kid with no interest in you to manage your money? Why not show a little initiative, like you did with your comment, and handle your own budgetary woes? Isn't it about time as a race (human race) that we stop relying on apps and devices to correct our worldly issue? I mean what is wrong with a little notebook (ledger) and a few columns showing monies in and monies out scribbled in pencil? I don't know, maybe it does help to have a little electronic assistant to help us through the day, I have one...I try not to rely on it that much though, I like to do things the old fashioned way, sometimes..anyways, best of luck to you! I really hope that the higher ups in the corporate world will get their hands dirty and read through this forum and address some issues that have been voiced here, yours in particular, is not unique, meaning that there are others just like you! Well with the same issue, not really just like you physically or anything, just with a similar struggle...speaking of, I should probably go now...and take care if my struggles!!
How do you like mint.com? I may look into it...just out if curiosity...


I just spent the morning setting it up.  It's a little less user friendly than  the Spending Plan used to be  but seems to have a lot more options.  After I adjust all of my category headings and how I wanted various expenses tracked I think it's going to suit my needs. One of the functions I noticed off the bat was that it will send email updates about upcoming bills and alert you when you go over budget in a particular category. 

The mobile app has switched from the Spending Plan to My Budget. Are you kidding me?! After all the problems and complaints with the web version, after all the customers PLEADING to go back to the Spending Plan, why would you change to My Budget?! The spending plan was the only useful function of this app! USAA's leadership has made it very obvious that they have little regard for customer satisfaction. They have demonstrated such poor decision making ability regarding this budget app that I am beginning to question whether they are fit to manage a piggy bank, let alone my accounts. I will be moving my money to another bank and will encourage others to do the same.

I actively used the previous version of the Budget Tool, but have found this current version to be unusable.  I was glad to see it stopped double-counting credit card payments as well as all transactions that went on a credit card, but as one who puts most everything on a credit card and then pays off the balance each month, I end up having very few transactions actually post on my Budget.  Am I missing something?  I've read other posts from people who likewise put most purchases on a credit card, and are unable to track these transactions.  Is it possible to make the previous Budget Tool available as well.  It was a great resource that I used daily.  I keep thinking I'll go on day and either see the old version or find that the new version is fixed to track credit card transactions.  If there is a way to veiw all credit card transactions within their respective categories, please let me know.