Time To Take Action With My Budget Application

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I've never had any issues/problems with USAA. 

Loyal customer through and through. 

But then I had stopped using the budgeting tool for about a year while we sold a house, bought a house and moved.

So now I'm ready to get some order back into my household finances and reset my budget categories.

Then I see this new My Budget application.

Spend about an hour before I realize that any changes I try to make do not yield logical results.

It's broke. Can't make it work.

Then I notice all the other complaints in the Member Community.

Seems to me USAA needs to bite the bullet and do something pretty drastic here.

Because despite all the feedback and promises to fix it, it is still broke in more ways than I care to list.






Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts on the new Budgeting tool. I can assure you we are working towards fixing many of these issues noted here in this forum. I apologize for the inconvenience and frustration this has caused you and other members. Please continue to share your feedback on this tool.