We have a four bedroom, three bath but the information pulled in this site has it listed at 3/2. This would affect the value. With that being said the estimated value is wrong and there is no way in letting USAA know the system is flawed.


Brian, I will second the suggestion to allow the owner of a property to update the information about that property. Currently, you have no information about our house, and the value seems low. I'd like to provide the correct information on beds/baths/sq. ft. Thanks.
P.S. I mis-read your name Briana, I apologize for that.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention! The Home Value Monitoring team is working on a solution! Thank you!!
USAA pulls the housing information from the actual tax status of your home. Allowing you to edit your home information may not be legal. Has your home been remodeled since construction? If so, then you are in the same boat I am in. I have a similar question posted on here. There must be a legal way to change the tax information for a house. Then USAA will list the correct value. Caution, however: If you home is legally worth more, you will pay more in property taxes!
The value shown for our Florida Gulf Coast home is questionable. The 5 homes sold in our development that are most similar to our home were built 1984-1994, ours built 2005. The 5 ranged up to $38,000 more in value than ours. All 6 have the same number of bedrooms/baths. Our home has up to 98 square feet more than the other 5. The highest square footage value of the 5 sold was $19.00/sq ft more than ours. We have added $50,000 worth of interior improvements, i.e. bathroom and garage cabinets, plantation shutters, ceramic tiled the bedrooms & closets for 100% tile throughout, and installed no-to-low-water Florida Friendly Landscaping. The others likely had lanai enclosed swimming pools, ours has a hot tub. Realtors claim that pools add little value, but are a selling feature for some buyers. We are not in the market to sell, but we wonder if the county property appraisers are competent. Not that we are going to complain to the county and have our property tax increased!!
I have the same issue - all of the recently sold homes used to create the comparison have square feet values well over my home ($10-20 more). Most are smaller and in a less desirable location, yet their value per square feet are considerably higher. What gives?
The information is wrong on my house as well. I have notified USAA and got the same reply about it being based on the tax records. Unfortunately the person inputting the information didn't read the entire "card" as our property has a house and a carriage house, so they left out over 1,600 SF and the value of same. Zillow lets you correct your info, although with no guarantee of when they will update the value. This information is useless unless it it correct - and in fact is harmful to me and my neighbors.
Any update on how to correct this, mine is incorrect as well.

Any update as to how to change the property information?  My information is totally inaccurate as well.