The Navy Blues & Transfer Notes

The Navy Blues & Transfer Notes

ret3's avatarret3New Member

It's a minor thing, but annoying nonetheless: why are both my debit card and World MasterCard more-or-less the same shade of navy blue? I know it's one of the corporate colors, but there are a word of hues out there; perhaps picking some a bit more evenly-spaced around the ol' color wheel would be a thing we could do? Even as secondary or accent colors, it would make telling one from the other much easier.


Also: when I transfer funds between accounts, I always add a memo. However, this memo apparently vanishes into the digital aether. I imagine it's viewable somewhere, but not in the list of transactions where I usually look at such activity. Can this be remedied?

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Debra May's avatarDebra MayNew Member

I definely agree with the colors for the credit card and debit cards. I wish they weren't the same color. I can't tell you how many times I used the wrong card. There are so many colors of blue they could use still maintaining the corporate I.D.

Re: The Navy Blues & Transfer Notes

acorte's avataracorteRegular Visitor

I end up writing on the front with a big marker on which is which :)

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BrianaHartzellUSAA's avatarBrianaHartzellUSAACommunity Manager

Hi ret3,

Great suggestion to differenciate the types of cards with additional colors. I have passed your suggestion to the appropriate team!


Also, I encourage you to contact website customer support at 877-632-3002  to discuss the memo disappearance, the more details they have about the situation, the easier it will be fore them to fix the problem! (I have also passed your comments along to them)


Thank you!

Re: The Navy Blues & Transfer Notes

PhoebeHodina's avatarPhoebeHodinaOccasional Visitor

I agree with this so much!!!! It's driving me nuts I keep using the wrong card because they look the same.

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