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Switched to GEICO

Switched to GEICO

Sundance's avatar User  Sundance  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor

After nearly 50 years of USAA membership, I recently switched to GEICO for motorcycle insurance.

USAA does not insure motorcycles, but will link you to a politically far left Insurance company. After four years with (far left) Insurance Company, I've had it with their policies and the following:

1. Unable to place/transfer motorcycles into storage during severe winter weather conditions; mandatory year round coverage

2. Commericals and the ditsy pitch woman 

3. Insurance Company was founded by the Lewis Family; a "far left/liberal" father/son team that supports the ACLU, George Soros (, the legalization/decrimilization of Marijuana, anti-mandatory drug testing, and other "Far Left" issues

I also switched two autos to GEICO due to the same non-storage issues. Premiums much less.

Re: Switched to GEICO

crelkin's avatar User  crelkin  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor

Good for you. How We Spend Our Money Is One Of The Few Things Left That We Can Control. I Made The Same Choice For My Motorcycle A Few Years Ago.

Re: Switched to GEICO

NCSO911's avatar User  NCSO911  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor

I did the same with my mc and atv. <br>Was a heck of a lot cheaper.

Re: Switched to GEICO

Martimar's avatar User  Martimar  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor

You should've tried State Farm because they have lower rates and better coverage!

Re: Switched to GEICO

jenlea's avatar User  jenlea  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor

I just got a McDonald's and im looking @ 236a yr, is that cheap?

Re: Switched to GEICO

jenlea's avatar User  jenlea  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor

Sorry, harley darn auto correct.

p, Re: Switched to GEICO

727's avatar User  727  (Opens a pop up layer) Prestigious Contributor

Yep, USAA farms out some of the other insurance, motorcycle and aviation I know for sure. 


I'm no fan of Prog. [I think all insurnace company names may be verboten] ressive, in fact I won't do business with them (not just because of annoying Flo).    But I'm not giving up my USAA car or homeowners just to insure a plane (USAA uses an aviation company [the name is oddly is prohibited in Jive the application used for this community]  which is a fine company in my opinion), or a motorcycle. 

GEICO is great if you ask me, but then again lots of my retirement savings are in Berkshire Hathaway so I'm just a little biased. 


Sometimes USAA is not going to be the best choice for 'different' insurance.  It started off as car insurnance and they do that better than anyone.   Remember if you carry an umbrella policy chat with USAA so that the coverages are meshed so you don't leave a gap if you use a different company for something. 

Re: p, Re: Switched to GEICO

Akvavit's avatar User  Akvavit  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor

Thanks for the info.  When I get my bike back on the road, I will check G & SF instead of P.

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