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We just canceled our car  insurance with usaa due to way to high premiums.

when i spoke to the represantative , i was told that , since we have no more insurances with usaa we would get a check for the balance that we have in our suscribers savings account !  sounds good to me !  is that true ?


It's been a while, but I've seen my balance for my subscribers savings account, I think it's just one more reason to keep USAA. Sometimes other companies can "temporarily" beat their rates, but I feel I get more and consistently pay less over time by staying with USAA.... It got much easier after I turned 30.
I have been with USAA for about 30 years now. My car insurance premiums were high because of my age, driving history, etc. The older you get, the longer you drive with a clean driving history, premiums tend to get lower. Right now, we pay a little more than 100 a month not just for two of our cars, but for hazard insurance and jewerly insurance. That is a very good deal. So, I don't know your age, your driving history, the kind of car you drive. Just be patient and like BarisM said, it got easier after he turned 30.

The money in the account looks good but really what good is the money in an account -my account is fitty + years with money  in said account.. You can only get the money when the master member dies, then it goes to one's estate. Personally my estate dosen't need the money and my spouse and children will be ok-Because i bought insurance! The auto and property insurance is getting very pricey, especially for retirees in Florida. My children up north do not buy USAA auto or property insurance because they tell me they get much better rates from other rated AA companies. Should I cash out and go?

I got out a few years ago when I was a P&C Insurance agent.  I was required to buy from the company I sold for.  At the time I left, my company beat the socks off of USAA.  When I came back, I got really good rates (I think to intice me back) but now they are trending back up again.  I have thought several times about changing companies again but I haven't. 


When I got out, I did get a very large payment from my Subscribers Savings Account.  Once you've been out, it takes a while to build it back up again.

Member since 1966. How large was the amount!!

To fuzzy koa, it has been several years, but as my memory serves me, the amount I received was in excess of $6000.

Also, from my 30 years experience with USAA, no other companies can beat USAA.
Well, I am not under 30 , been with usaa for almost 20 years! The premium for my car insurance is over 240$ cheaper (per year) with the new company . Also needed homeowners insurance ,which was about $120 cheaper ,a month! I know why we changed , my question was about the subscriber savings plan , since the representative said what he said , I wanted to know !

Does that price difference include your subsciber account and you annual distribution check?