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Spending Plan fix date?

Spending Plan fix date?

gsob's avatar User  gsob  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor

BrianaHartzel:  What is the Spending Plan fix date?  Please let us know the projected fix date.  If it's not soon, I'm off to Mint or another application.

Re: Spending Plan fix date?

MudhenFUF's avatar User  MudhenFUF  (Opens a pop up layer) Occasional Contributor

While not a hit on USAA's applications, I prefer to use YNAB (You Need A Budget) -- phenomenal piece of software.

Re: Spending Plan fix date?

Briana Hartzell USAA's avatar User  Briana Hartzell USAA Community Manager


I am sorry I do not have a date to give you. I know I sound repetitive, but the team is aware of the frustration the tool is causing members and are actively working to fix the known issues. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and please continue to do so. Thank you.


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