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Setting up Payee information in Bill pay

Setting up Payee information in Bill pay

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I am having a lot of trouble setting up my payee information in bill pay. I tried to set up my internet and cell phone (tmobile) providers and it always says it needs more information and then says it will send a paper check to the address. Why wont it let me set-up electronic payments which is all I really wanted in the first place? When it asks for my account number to set up the payee account, I put the account number in from off of my bill statements (my T-Mobile account number) but it always says it needs more information-address and telephone number; saying it will send a check. What am I doing wrong?

Re: Setting up Payee information in Bill pay

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Good afternoon!

With any bank, there are some payees that the bank doesn't have a digital payment agreement with. For those, what happens is they get the address and a contact number from you, and the bank sends out a paper check, via paper mail, to that payee for you.


I used this, for example, with my landlord a long time ago. It went to her in a plain white envelope with no distinctive markings - she tossed it the first time she got it because I didn't know what it would look like *grin* and couldn't warn her what to look for. I didn't even think about that possibility. You are not doing anything wrong; T-Mobile will just get a paper check, and you will need to allow a bit more time for the check to get there.


The good news on this is, you still have a free payment method, and you don't have to pay for the stamp. If you want it truly electronic and it won't work that way from the bank; you could go in each month to their (T-mobile's) website and have them do the equivalent of an EFT withdrawal which should also be free.

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