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How do I set up a dedicated (but seperate) DEBIT CARD account?


I would like to keep my Debit Card drafts seperate from my main checking account by having my Debit draw only from a devoted DEBIT Account.


Am I making sense?  I'm worried that a fraudster could clean out my account, so I'd like to link my DEBIT to a smaller account that only has a minimal amount of money in it. Just enough to cover Debit Card expenditures.


Welcome to the Member Community. I was able to find this information that provides details on our checking account options. We have used dual accounts during past deployments. For example when my spouse was traveling through foreign airports and needed to access an ATM, we had some piece of mind knowing our money was separated. If after reading the details you find you'd like to speak with one of our service specialists, please call 1-800-531-8722. Hope this was helpful.


Thank you Wendy. You're much appreciated.