I have been a USAA member since I was 15 years, driving with my permit. I am now 41 so that should tell you how long I have been a member. For the most part, I have been quite pleased with USAA's service, rates and manner in which they have handled my "emergencies". However, I am quite displeased with the way my renter's insurance claim filed on June 23, 2014, was handled by the claim representative, as well as the outcome of the claim. I own a painting business and on June 23, 2014, someone not only vandalized the truck my husband uses for work (slashing both passenger side tires), but they stole every piece of tool, equipment and material we had in the bed of the truck. But, that was not enough for them to do so they broke into the cab of the truck and stole his wedding band, a promise ring I bought him for our one-year dating anniversary, his wallet and his personal cell phone. He leaves them secured in the cab of the truck when he is pressure washing the exterior of the home and/or spraying the exterior of a home, as to not get them soaked with water or damaged with paint. I reported the theft of the tools, equipment and materials to USAA but did not think I could make a claim because the truck itself only had liability coverage. However, the claim rep insisted I could claim "everything" under my "Renter"s Insurance", if I filed a police report. I had to go through every single receipt for every piece of equipment, every single tool and every pieace of material that we purchased and upload those receipts to USAA. But first, I had to go to Home Depot's, Lowe's, Sherwin William's and Wal-Mart's websites to look up each and every item by skew # to get a complete discription of what the item was so I could claim that item. There was 127 items on my claim, 124 of which were equipment, tools and materials. My total loss was $4,187.76. It took me three days to go through the receipts and gather all of the tools, equipment and materials and combine them into an Excel spreadsheet so the claim rep would have each individual item, its purchase date, it's make and model if applicable and the price of each item. It took a full 8-hour day for me to go onto each retailer's website and look up each and every individual item to get a clear description of the item because none of the receipts are clear on what the item is and I knew they would call questioning me. I wanted to be prepared and have all the information already. Then, it took me about 2.5 hours to file the police report online with the Houston Police Department because I had to make a list of each invidual pieace of equipment and tool, the brand/name, make and model and price. It was ridiculous, the amount of time it took for me to get all of the information together and when it was all said and done, I received a payment of "$880.37"!!! The claim rep paid us in full for the stolen phone, and the two rings but only paid us a complete total of $250 for approximately $3500 worth of equipment, tools and materials that were stolen. I am quite livid and pretty darn disgusted that the claim rep would tell me I can claim all of it on my renter's insurance but then turn around and only give me $250 for all of the tools, equipment and materials that were stolen. She should have looked at my policy before telling me I could claim it because she would have known right then and there that I would only receive $250 on the $3500 worth of stuff stolen; not the cost of replacing those 124 items. I am not happy with the way the claim rep handled my claim from the very beginning. She spoke over me during our recorded interview and wouldn't listen to a word I had to say. She kept asking questions that I had already answered several times and it took her several days to respond to me postings on the Communication Center. Personally, I don't think the claim was handled fairly, as while the items stolen were used for business purposes at the time they were stolen, they were also used as household items when things needed to be done around the house. If my jewelry and his phone were covered and payment was issued for the fair value of those things, I don't understand why the tools, equipment and materials were not covered as well, when they are all housed at our residence and used at our residence as well. When $3500 worth of tools, equipment and materials are stolen and the payout is only $250 on those items, I question why USAA advertises that their Renter's Insurance "covers ALL property even if it is away from home." I call bull! $250 on $3500 worth of tools, equipment and materials stolen out of the back of our truck is "NOT" covering those items!!!! Look over your policy before you file a claim because the work and time you have to put into getting the information together may not be worth the total you receive back for your hard work of doing so.