My Bank of America account has a small button on each transaction that I can click to indicate I have reconciled that transaction. It is extremely helpful for checking my account online against my checkbook ledger.


This lets me make sure I haven't missed any transactions, and also to see if any unauthorized or unusual transactions have occurred.


How can I request USAA add a similar feature to their online account pages?




USAA is always looking for ways to improve. You can contact USAA via email. Read the following Member Community Posting for information on how to do this.


How To Make USAA Website Better


Hopes this helps.

I would like to see within the account registers a way to check off the individual a checks/balances option. This would allow me to save money on programs such as Quicken. With the latest features allowing you to add transactions, this is the only thing that I am unable to do within USAA. 



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  1. Took me a little to understand what you were asking. I beleive what you want is a way to (like old check books) to check off known transactions (based upon knowledge or receipts) so you don't have to purchase / install / use another piece of software like Quicken.

  2. Good News! USAA does have that feature (sort of). It is found in the Export Function shown in my POST found here (in which I was helping another Member on another problem).

  3. First of all use the SEARCH FUNCTION (shown in my POST here), and just use the Date Range (From .. To) fields to "select" the transactions you want to see.

  4. Then use the EXPORT FUNCTION and use the Selected Option. This will place CHECKBOXES on all transactions.

  5. Using the CHECKBOXES you can then "check off" individual entries as you see fit. **You don't have to EXPORT the "selected" transactions.

I hope I have helped.


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Thank you for the info, I know that the download exists, however it would be more user friendly if they allowed us to reconcile on the website instead of having to download the info. The request still remains to have a checkbox for reconciliation within each account for each transaction. 


Next to each account listed, there is a drop-down menu. It just occurred to me how GREAT it would be if there were an additional option for "reconcile this account" that would show in BOLD when a new statement has come in. If you clicked it, your statement would open...


Thank you for sharing your idea! I will pass this along to the technical team! Keep those great suggestions coming!

I have been waiting and waiting for a feature like this to be on the USAA website. I have banked with Bank of Ameica for years and it was so easy to reconcile my account frequently. The USAA banking website is very confusing when trying to reconcile with my regster at home. I run several businesses and do los of entires and lots of cross referencing. I have multiple personal accounts and i like to stay on top of my finances on a regular basis. USAA needs to improve this application for users to be able to do so. Attached you will find an example of the BoA website, as you can see there is a column that indicates STATUS. The C shows it cleared the account, P is pending and R is because I clicked on it and Reconciled with my books. Then when I log back onto the account, I definitely know wheat i already have reconciled and what I still need to crossrefence in my books. Let me add that I am also an acocuntant and I use this feature in all my acocunting needs. The only accounts that don't have this feature is my USAA banking. Honeslty, I almost closed all my accounts because ittakes me way too much time to reconcile frequently and I get frustrated constantly. USAA's numbers rarely ever match up with mine becuase pending amounts sometimes show PENDING but have actually been deducted from my account and therefore do not match up. This is so confusing. This seems to be such an easy fix. PLEASE try to get this added to the banking portion. Thank you!



Example for USAA to allow items to be checked off for reconciliation.png

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTING! Thanks for posting a picture of such a great example! I hope someone actually takes this request seriously. 

where is this on USAA