My Bank of America account has a small button on each transaction that I can click to indicate I have reconciled that transaction. It is extremely helpful for checking my account online against my checkbook ledger.


This lets me make sure I haven't missed any transactions, and also to see if any unauthorized or unusual transactions have occurred.


How can I request USAA add a similar feature to their online account pages?




USAA is always looking for ways to improve. You can contact USAA via email. Read the following Member Community Posting for information on how to do this.


How To Make USAA Website Better


Hopes this helps.

USAA needs it!!!

Next to each account listed, there is a drop-down menu. It just occurred to me how GREAT it would be if there were an additional option for "reconcile this account" that would show in BOLD when a new statement has come in. If you clicked it, your statement would open...


Thank you for sharing your idea! I will pass this along to the technical team! Keep those great suggestions coming!

Years ago I suggested that credit card and banking accounts on the web include a column for reconciling activity as it occurs rather than retaining receipts.  Keeping receipts is a monumental pain.  As a 55+ year member of USAA I'm doubling down on that suggestion.  BofA has this feature for checking accounts.

USAA Research and Development,


About annually for the last 3 years, I've made a request for an "R" button (for reconcile) or reconcile function within the checking and saving accounts.  For something that seems relatively simple to do, is an active function in many financial software products (Quicken) and promotes a good financial habit for your customer - it's amazing that it hasn't been taken care of.  An explanation as as to "why not" might even be in order now.


Possibly as "one", my request isn't making headway.  I'll add my request to JJ Lincoln's request and any other USAA member that has made a formal request for a reconcile feature to be added to the Checking, Saving and Credit card accounts.  Thank you for your consideration



CraigC2, I have similarly been asking USAA to fix QFX/OFX downlands for 5 years. I have seen so much unrelaible information about my accounts presented on the website, that I don't trust it. Essentially, these errors to reflect the fact that the accounts are not reconciled, and the same money in a single transaction moving between accounts may appear in both or neither at the same time, yielding false balances. Instead of trusting online balances presented by USAA, I keep everything offline in Money Dance, a product I switched to from Quicken. Unfortunately, the USAA download of QFX files has significant gaps and flaws that force me to go in and clean up all checks and web bill pay and intra-bank transfer transactions to fill in missing payee information and to stitch back together the two sides of each transfer so I don't have duplicates. I keep praying for the day that USAA gets serious about IT. They seem to more concerned about cosmetic appearance and social media applications of the web page than about being meticulous in handling and presenting financial data. Not good priorities for a financial institution.



I have similar concerns and am somewhat perplexed why a finincial institution would have what seems to be 'difficulty' using the standard financial interchange file format (QFX).  I have been told that they limit it's use to strengthen the security of our accounts.  That would be a silly statement on their part (my opinion) consdering your observation of social media applications.  I don't have the information or the training to dispute it however USAA not readily using QFX and QIX format has been a reason why I stopped using Quicken; although I believe Quicken to have a pretty good product. I'll take a look at Money Dance; thank you!  I had not heard of it before.


I haven't found any discrepancies in my USAA accounts over the past 12 years.  They have taken good care of us concerning the needs we have. I hope some day soon we can.


Thank you for taking the time to respond to my note, Takiefer.  Hopefully your concerns, mine and those of others will bring an elevated consideration to those that select what the "next" enhancement could be.


Kind regards,




I would like to see within the account registers a way to check off the individual a checks/balances option. This would allow me to save money on programs such as Quicken. With the latest features allowing you to add transactions, this is the only thing that I am unable to do within USAA.