Really Horrible Experience This Morning


I spent a half hour on the phone with the Fraud group this morning and dealt with an employee who was truly not USAA quality.  Well, I hope this isn't USAA quality.

Not only did Leeda not listen to my questions and continue to repeat the same answer, but when I told her to please stop with the perfunctory answer and look at what i was describing, she told me she started to explain to me how they cancel cards and transfer amts etc.  I told her I knew all that and that had nothing to do with what I was asking.

So, I said nicely, "this isn't working.  I would like to speak to another representative."  And this is where I have a SERIOUS problem.  She wouldn' t do it!!  She continued to tell me she was answering my question and said the same thing she had already said five times that didn't address my question.  I asked again for another rep...SHE WOULDN'T DO IT!  So then, I got upset.  I informed her that she cannot refuse my request to speak to someone else and to please get her supervisor on the line.  She continued to explain that she was helping me.  By now, I am furious.

I told her that I would be filing a complaint and I wanted her supervisor that very minute.  After sitting on hold for seven minutes I hung up and called back.  

This time I got Cindy. I asked to speak to her supervisor.  She said she would be happy to help me.  I explained my situation and told her I was really upset and wanted to speak to a supervisor, she said again that she would be happy to help and could look at my question.  I was flabberghast.  SINCE WHEN USAA, DOES A MEMBER NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO SPEAK TO A SUPERVISOR!!!

I told Cindy my questions and after she answered "I don't know", THREE TIMES, I grew weary.

I asked for the supervisor again.  This time I got Kevin.  The supervisor.  He answered my question, which was not a difficult one, in two minutes.  He also told me things that showed that Cindy had given me incorrect information.  I pointed this out to him and told him that my entire experience with his dept today made me seriously question the strength and competency of USAA and I have NEVER felt like in 20 plus years.


USAA, you need to take a serious look at this.  This kind of treatment is entirely unacceptable and I am one, very unhappy USAA customer today.  What a lousy way to start my day.


Similar issues on my end, also regarding debit card fraud, except mine were over email.  I aksed for a supervisor's name to send a complaint to, and they wouldn't give me one.  3 different emails, including ones where it seemed like I was close to getting a name, and they simply would. not. give. me. a. name.  Just a name to address a complaint letter, that's all.


I ended up sending a letter to the President of the bank, when all I wanted to do was send a letter to a supervisor.

TeacherE and Lurker Dan,

Your experiences are certainly not what we want you to have when calling USAA. Thank you for taking the time to report these service failures. If there is anything else we can do for you please do not hesitate to let us know by filling out this form (please include the best way to reach you). Thank you