Problem in adding New Non-USAA Accounts to "My Accounts Web Page"

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When trying to add a new Non-USAA Account to the "My Accounts Web Page",  One now goes to the "My Accounts Summary" page and clicks on "Add a Non-USAA Account" and a small window opens" stating "Add your accounts by searching or choose from popular accounts below."  If the "popular accounts" listed do not include what you are trying to add, you type in the investment instutituion you are looking for and the website replies with candidates that seem close to what you want.  Previously, if the institution you wanted was not already on USAA's list, you could input a request including the name of the institution and the URL for their website and request that it be added to those available.  I have done this in the past and sometimes the request was ulitmately granted and sometimes not.  But, at least there was the possiblity of asking. 


Now, however, if what you are looking for does not show up, there is no way to request that that institution be added.  I called website support today and discussed this deficiency and was told that USAA's "Computer Temple" had decided that there was no longer a need to ask their customers in order to determine which institutions were "popular", but rather USAA would decide that on their own.  I know that there is a tendency for IP personnel to become very insular --  the answer used to be something like, "We don't have time to fix the piece of  "half-a--ed software we just completed because we are too busy working on the next piece of  "half-a--ed software".  But, this is taking it to a new height.  Basically you are saying, "don't bother us by even asking!"


I can relate, although my probelm (I thought) was simpler. One of my outside financial instriutuions actually shows up on the list of firms and I'm still not able to populate my account info. on the "My Accounts" screen - tells me it's been added but never shows up. I've had a ticket open with tech support since the end of March to no avail; I proactively follow-up on it monthly on my own otherwise I think it would completely fall to the side. Good luck to you - I can certainly relate to your frustration but it's nice knowing others are having similar difficulties.