Please increase the font size on the iphone app


I use the iphone app for lots of things, paying bills, deposits and so forth. Often I have to choose between a number of accounts with different account numbers. As I get older, I am having trouble reading the account numbers on my phone. Surely, other members are having the same issue. 


Can't the app (which is otherwise nearly perfect) be upgraded to  increase the size of these numbers?


I'm not trying to tell ya what to do, this is just my advice... You should write this in the app. Feed back in the menu.. That way ya might get better results from the app. makers...



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Now as for your post and idea.


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  2. Molan_Labe - You also had a great suggestion! I hadn't thought of that before.

  3. What Suggestion From Members Will USAA Use Next?

  4. Until USAA Fixes the issue, I suggest you click here to learn How to Change The Font Size on an iPhone.

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