Petition Comment from a USMC Retiree and USAA 50 Year Member to the USAA Board of Directors

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Dear USAA Board of Directors,

I've been a member of USAA for 50 years.  My request to you is that you end your relationship with an organization, the National Football League, which clearly, by their refusal to act meaningfully in a matter that cries out for principled action, reveals core principles contrary to those of our fine organization.
(Name), USMC, Retired  

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Dear USMC retiree (thank you for serving),  I hope your comments on here actually reach the Board of Directors and/or the CEO of USAA.   In my quest to obtain names and business addresses of the CEO and the head of USAA Federal Savings Bank, I have discovered that they are not readily accessible/available.  I eventually got the name of the current CEO and the general address for USAA in San Antonio.   I was told repeatedly that the USAA CEO is also the CEO of the bank--that isn't what I've been able to find online.   Who do I believe?  I just hope some of our complaints, concerns and issues are brought to the attention of someone in USAA who is intelligent,  has common sense and is concerned about USAA members.    My parents were USAA members, my husband and I have been since the 1960s, my siblings are members as well as my children.  I am consulting with my CPA/financial advisor (not with USAA) about the wisdom of moving my assets elsewhere.  The stress and horrible experience I had in processing a mortgage with USAA Federal Savings Bank makes me believe USAA is definitely deteriorating.    It was once such a great company.  It appears it is now run by incompetent, greedy and unconcerned people.  I wonder why the Board of Directors isn't more aware.

Hello Eirish, we apologize for the horrible experience you had with mortgage.  I would like to forward your feedback to the appropriate area by sending us a Private Message.  To send a private message, please select your profile name at the top right of the screen and select "My Settings".  From there at the top of your screen go to "Private Messenger" and "Turn on Private Messages".  After this you can select your name again from the top right of the screen and select the envelope icon to view and send your own private messages. ~ MQ

USAA Social Service Office,

I would like to share a quick thought if I may.

It would have been looked upon much more favorably if your office, as a representative of USAA, had not only responded to "Eirish" about his mortgage experience but maybe said just a few words of thanks to "Imua" for his career of military service in the USMC and his 50 years of membership with USAA, especially since he was the one who originated the post to USAA. Even "Eirish" very appropriately started his message recognizing the service of "Imua".

Over the past few months we have seen petition comments on this community forum from combat veterans, disabled veterans, Commanders who speak of their soldiers coming home in flag draped coffins, and from Gold Star family members who speak of the loss of loved ones. Most average Americans and private companies across the country wish they had the opportunity to offer a heartfelt Thank You to these Military Patriots but rarely have contact with them.

Hopefully USAA might review their policy of not replying to certain posts based on the subject and delegate authority to your office to respond to member posts as you deem appropriate, regardless of the topic. It would certainly be looked upon much more favorably by your military membership.

Thank you for letting me share that thought and let me close by extending a sincere Thank You and "Semper Fi" to our USMC Retiree.


USAA - silence is NOT golden.  This NFL issue has been going on for so long with no meaningfull response from USAA.  I hope you aren't planning to wait for the August ammual meeting to address the isssue.  Is there no one runnng USAA that can address this NFL issue?  


Randy Sharp - member since the '70s but may not much longer


After one year of silence with no meaningful response from USAA, I think we are past the point of attempting to address this issue with USAA. We all know what we’re dealing with.

Discuss it with other USAA members and do what the rest of the USAA military community is doing (departed and remaining), continue to discuss the issue with the rest of the military community every chance you get.

We discuss it at our military club every lunch period when that USAA commercial comes on the TV.