I was so excited to finally get to put all my info in and see where my budget was going and then when I "saved" it, it didnt save and the hour I had spent inputting all my info is gone.


This would be a great program if it actually worked.  I am not an IT person but surly this is a problem someone should have seen before putting it on the website.


I dont care how this gets fixed but hopefully it wont take as long as the Obamacare website...just saying.


I too am having a problem with saving my budget.  Can this be fixed soon?  Maybe disable it until it's working.  I spent a good amount of time filing in the budget just to find out that it didn't save and that is frustrating.


Thanks in advance...

Marine2002 and formermarine1993,

I cannot imagine the frustration of taking time to use the tool only to have all of your information lost. I agree this is unacceptable and have escalated your experience. I apologize for the inconvenience this tool has caused you both and encourage you to follow this conversation for the most up to date news about the progress being made on My Budget. Thank you.