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My Budget abomination

My Budget abomination

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gsob's avatar User  gsob  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor

I agree with everyone else.  Dismal day for USAA.  New management somewhere?  Huge step backward, completely out of touch with members' needs. 

Re: My Budget abomination

DOMINATOR's avatar User  DOMINATOR  (Opens a pop up layer) Occasional Contributor

Yep..absolutely USAA is completely OUT OF TOUCH with members's need.  I think they no longer care because they know the Military community is always going to support them.  For sometimes now USAA just blatenly ignore anything we have to say in regards to product satisfaction but they continue on with thier little TV ads about how generation of Military are supporting them.  I am not saying they should react to just everything, but when you have thousands and thousands of members complaining about ONE isssue which is a complete failures and USAA turn a deaf ear on Members request, then it's time for MEMBERS to start their Exit strategies from USAA and go somewhere else who is not about fancy TV ads, I remember the days when I didn't see USAA ads on TV but now every other commercial break is a USAA ad.  I'm truly getting FED UP with USAA and their lack of response.  

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