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I cannot figure out how to refresh non USAA accounts on the app. Id like to be able to see the current balances for them too. Is this possible and I'm missing something?

HELP: How Do I Refresh Non-USAA Accounts Via The USAA Mobile App (ANSWERED)

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You can indirectly refresh your Non-USAA Accounts via the USAA Mobile App.


Here is how:


1. Logon to USAA Mobile App (if you haven't already).


2. In upper right corner click on Menu and then click Launch (note this will log you out of USAA Mobile App)


3. When appears in your phones "default browser" do this:


  • Click on the I want to DROP MENU next to the Non-USAA Account you wish to update and;

  • Then click Update this Account.

4. Remember to Log Off of


I hope this answers your question.

Re: Mobile App

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I root of the issue isn't that you can't refresh your non-USAA accounts.  It is that you cannot perform the function from the app.  This should not be a major issue to implement.