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A few months back I saw a blog on here for Military Spouses being able to recieve unemployment. Because after all, we are not "choosing" to leave our jobs, but are being "forced" to PCS with our spouses. I am unable to find it and need some HELP! I leave in one week for Ft. Riley, Kansas and would like to have as much figured out as I can, until I am able to find another job! If anyone has any answers! Thank you :)


Is this the article you are referring to? https://www.usaa.com/inet/ent_blogs/Community?action=communitypost&comm=milspouse&blogkey=milspousec... So glad you have been reading!
Dear Offenberg: Here's a link that might be helpful: http://www.ncsl.org/?TabId=13331 It shows the general guidelines for each State. You'll want to check with the State of Kansas directly for more details. Hope this helps! All the best in your next duty assignment! Sincerely, Chazz Pratt
If you are PCSing within the states you can get unemployment. As for myself I figured any PCS would be eligible for unemployment, but it wasn't my case. We PCSed to Germany and Washington State said that Germany was not a covered territory. Very disappointing it being my savings was not prepared for the bad news. Hope this helps someone.
Great information, the last person mentioned moving from Germany to WA and that Germany was not a covered territory. I will be I the same boat in July. I am currently a GS-5 soon to be GS-6 before we leave from South Korea to Ft Hood, TX. I will be on LWOP for one year. Does anyone from USAA know about what the state of TX does for this same situation but leaving a different country. TIA