I tried to withdraw $80 from an ATM machine over a month ago and the machine froze, and my money was never dispersed. I took pics of the ATM, called the number on the machine and was told it was too early in the morning and the machine was probably empty and this happens all the time. My money ($83 w atm fee) would be credited back to my account in 2 days. I was told it was like "CLOCKWORK". 2 weeks later, nothing. I call and they  have no "record" of my call, which is BS because USAA records ALL CALLS. Finally after filing a claim with them 3 times, they credit the account the money I was never issued!


Then yesterday, @USAA sends me an email saying that its disputed and they are taking the $83 back. Then I talk to agent at USAA that said the email was FRAUD and told me "not to freak out", which of course I do. Then another agent said he was mistaken and its not!? Where are they training these employees...K-Mart? I've spent OVER 2 HOURS ON THE PHONE TRYING TO RESOLVE THIS ISSUE. Basically, USAA is saying I LIED about the transaction. Ridiculous!


I think USAA is trying to grow too fast and the poor level of customer service is a reflection of that.


I'm going to Yelp and the BBB if this is not resolved today.


You say you called the number on the machine, but I don't think that was USAA.    You should have called USAA straight away.  


USAA machines wouldn't charge you three dollars, that is why I suspect you were calling some other bank or ATM operator.   You can't really rely on them.


For these kinds of problems I find it best to do everything in writing.  Your statement will tell you the correct address to send a letter, and you have sixty days from the date of the statement to do so if I recall correctly.   You don't need to wait, you can send the letter today.  Not the time and date of the failed transaction, the amount and the pertinent account details.


Then USAA will respond in writing so there can be no misunderstandings.   The resolution process is set by federal law, no one can change it on a whim.