These blogs are often places for frustrated people to vent their anger through half-truths and venom.  I have been a member of USAA for over 20 years and would rather jump off a cliff than deal with any other financial institution.  No organization is perfect, but USAA is amazing and never missed a beat through all the financial meltdowns.  Where is Lehman brothers and GMAC now.? Keep rocking USAA!


I'll have to agree with you. I've been a member since 1995 and have never had a bad experience with USAA.


I've financed two mortgages and have three autos and a motorcyle insured with USAA. Two credit cards and a home Equity Line with them and they've always gone out of their way to be helpful to me .They're not perfect, BUT they're heads and shoulders above most other banks out there, rest assured. 


One lawyer told me that out of all the differnet financial institutions that she's dealt with USAA was far and away the easist to deal with. I'm sold on USAA.



CardiganT and n8tureboy,


Thank you so much for your kind words! We are proud to serve you both!

I'm very happy for you in regards to your experiances with USAA. In fact I've been singing the praises myself and looking into even more of their services like a college fund for my grandchild and financial planning for my husband and I. Here is the thing though. It is never wise to judge others if you haven't walked in their shoes.


Yes, some posts are just angry rants and it's too bad that they were not able to better express themselves articulately. But some people really are having problems where there shouldn't be.


Unless you are the one that has been financially and emotionally devistated, pacing the floor in shock and thinking thank God I have insurance, only to find yourself over a month later so broke you can't put gas in your car or buy dog food. In this case I'm thinking you haven't been on the recieving end of the situatations some are posting about.


My home was vadalized after I bought it. The gas stove below had a gallon of cooking oil poured into a top burner, which then ran through the whole thing and the fire chief said that it would not be safe to use.




There was rotted food and maggots everywhere, human and animal feces everywhere, and my house and yard were used like they were the local garbage dump. 


I just knew that USAA would have my back. They are the best, right? Well, it is over a month later and I have yet to get any of the things my policy promises. I paid for unlimited loss of use, which should have afforded me the means to stay somewhere close to the house to oversee the cleanup, meet with police officers, meet with the adjuster, and so on. That didn't happen.


I live to far away from the new house to drive back and forth. Once I paid the required payments (which fulfilled my deductible) for the city dumpster and cleanup crew, I had no money left to go there and rent a room for however long it would take. I asked USAA for help with this but was told that my case was under review and they would get back to me. 


The occurrence was on 7 April 2014. Today is 16 May 2014. Tell me, would you have enough money...after putting a down payment on a home you just bought and saving the money needed to move, to shell out thousands more while still paying all your bills? Maybe you would. Maybe you would still say that USAA is the best and those of us unlucky souls that don't get "The Best" are just full of half-truths and venom. 


Personally, I'm just full of tears and fears. I'm known as the strong one in my circles, but I can't hide this or "suck it up" as my Army brat raising taught me. I'm truly scared and feel like everything is falling apart and there is nothing I can do to fix it.


Don't be so hard on people please. Maybe pray for them instead.


We are so sorry for the awful vandalism to your home, and that you are not receiving the services you need. We would like to understand more about what's going on. If you don't mind, please email us your claim number, date of loss, and the details of the situation you provided to socialmedia@usaa.com. Thank you

Hi Briana,


Thank you for responding. I must have missed the notification in my email. All of the details can be found in the discussion titled: "Out In The Cold After Homeowners Insurance Claim"




This has been a very difficult time for us. It is humiliating to have to ask your own children if you can borrow the money to feed your dog. I'm not used to this. I'm broke. I saved and saved to buy a cottage. Then saved and saved to make sure I had the budget to move, pay bills on my rental and the cottage for two months, and even some extra money for unforseen expenses. After buying the cottage the very first thing I did was insure it with USAA. I asked for the best coverage I could afford, as I always do with all my policies. 


I'm on my own. It is as if I had no insurance at all. I still keep getting bills for it though. My mother would be appalled if she were still alive. She was working as a court reporter at the Pentagon when I was conceived. She was a very proper woman and a favorite of many of the Generals she served under. She was often told that if she ever needed anything to just ask. She never did. She was just proud to serve and happy that her honorable service was noticed and appreciated. 


I'm very disappointed and sad about all this. I'll be glad to email you the information you requested.