Life Insurance Debacle

Life Insurance Debacle

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I tried applying for life insurance two weeks ago and the USAA advisor told me the website was broken and to try back in a few days.  They could not help me over the phone because I currently had life insurance in NYS and they said it was a legal issue.


I sent an email to USAA with the tech issue and error I was receiving and in a week got a call about my life insurance application figuring everything was fixed.  I called them back and they had no idea why I was calling and got transferred from the 1-877-627-2811 number to an advisor, then to website tech help, back to an advisor.


This new advisor must have been under different legal obligations because he gave me a quote while the previous two claimed they couldn’t.  I asked to speak to an underwriter to better understand my issue and why a 20 yr term life for 750K was over $100.  She actually laughed at me throughout the call like she was an intern who couldn’t believe I wanted to know why the rate was so high.


I work in the financial services industry and have never seen incompetence or witnessed a client serving resource act like this.

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BrianaHartzellUSAA's avatarBrianaHartzellUSAACommunity Manager


While we cannot change what has already passed, we apologize for your phone experience. I would like to get someone in contact with you who can answer your questions and give you all of the information you need. Could you please send an email to; including your member number, the best number to contact you and your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Re: Life Insurance Debacle

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OORAH Semper Fi's avatarOORAH Semper FiVisitor

877-627-2811 is not a USAA number, but associated with LeadQual a third party affiliate as far as I know.


I think this company gives USAA a black-eye and USAA may want to reconsider the affiliation.

Re: Life Insurance Debacle

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I received a call this afternoon from 877-627-2811. The individual knew my name and some basic information about my accouint. She identified herself as a representative of USAA and then asked me to hold while a customer service rep was called to the line. I was told that no rep was currently available and that I should hang up and wait for a call back. No call back occured. The call had all the hallmarks of a scam / ripoff artist. Is USAA aware of these people and what they are doing?

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