I love all about USAA, except ONE thing!!!


Hey there folks (and, to USAA),


I've had USAA since I was 17 years old, in fact, I think I signed up for USAA the very week that I signed my paperwork to join the Army. I've loved USAA for everything they've offered to me, and the excellent customer service I receive in all departments.


My only complaint, for the love of anything good in this country, is that issuing an auto loan to someone like myself, in college is so hard for USAA. Ok, let's take a look at something....I'm a recent college graduate, and since I began college, have had a large chunk of debt hanging over my shoulders, and I have nothing but in-state tuition to thank for that! It's not the highest amount of debt I've heard college kids having, in fact, it's close to one of the LOWEST numbers I've heard for recent college graduates. I have the army to thank for that (for covering most of my tuition).


That being said....why on earth is USAA just simply NOT able or willing to help me with a new car? Plain and simple. The bank on campus financed my first car, and the dealership's bank financed the new car I just bought. But before buying both of those cars, I checked with USAA, and every time, I get a big fat no. 


While I'm still satisfied with USAA for everything else, and while this one thing won't deter me from the company as a whole....most likely, I will probably never want to finance a vehicle for any reason with USAA, just because they always say no!!!!


USAA- help me out here! Do you want to help a college student in debt with a car, or not? Because if you don't, which so far, you haven't, SOMEONE ELSE WILL! I'm glad to know that at least someone out there is trusty enough to help me get around with piece of mind...unfortunately, USAA does not do that (which again, is a huge surprise because of how much they already do for me!).


I know how you feel. I have an 800 credit score and and a net worth five times my balance on my mortgage but USAA refuses to refinance my house because I'm retired? That's the only reason they have given me for refusing me. I've been a member for 35 years!

Join the club.  I was in the same boat as you when in college.  Could not get a loan while in college and now lenders offer me anything that I ask for (to include USAA).  It is all about risk analysis.  If you do not fit the profile then you do not get the loan.  Unfortunately for banks, I am very unlikely  to borrow money (unless near 0% deal) as I only buy something if have the money.   Short story: be patient and work hard and you will be able to buy any car you want for an exceptional rate.