How many times can I transfer money from one account to another? What's the limit?


Saving: six times, if you over do it they will switch it to checking .
Checking : as many times as you need .

Might you know where we could find checking transfers as needed in writing? Thanks.

Hi Marty2788,

Federal regulations limit the number of withdrawals (including funds transfers) from savings accounts. If you have more than six withdrawals per monthly statement cycle from your USAA savings account, you may be charged a fee and, in accordance with federal regulations, your account may be converted into a checking account. See the Depository Agreement for details.


You can find our more on the Funds Transer FAQ page here


Thank you!

Okay it did already will it stay as a checking account now? And I can transfer money between those two accounts as much as I want since they are both checking now?