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There are so many benefits of meeting and welcoming new neighbors. This is coming form someone who has JUST moved and was very happy when our new neighbors took time to come by, say hello and tell us when the trash comes! How have you been welcomed, or have welcomed new neighbors?


I'm an amazing cook, so I just bake something from scratch and stop by for a quick chat. It usually buys me goodwill. I think that's a fairly standard approach and not very creative.
I am the AD Member, however, I live in a place where most of the year it snows. I usually will shovel their driveway/doorstep until they get settled in. Just helps the individuals become a adjusted a little quicker, (especially if they dont have a snowblower like I do!!!!!!)
I've been on both ends as the receiver and the welcomer. I have baked and bought baked goods and delivered them with my children. Depending on how comfortable I feel I've left a contact card of our names and a phone number with them. Being on the receiving end I have appreciated it when my neighbors did the same for me.
I have written a card out with local numbers that they may need when the first move in to put on the baked goods basket with some popcorn and snacks. Like a couple of good take out restaurant's menus (who doesn't want to know where the good Chinese Food is or where the local pizza delivery comes from) as well as local power company and utilities to put on the fridge. Local babysitters numbers help to for Moms' who need help.