Rena Colon
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We are currently stationed in the San Antonio area. Just wanted to say hello to all the military spouse by introducing myself. My name is Rena and I am 27. My husband is a E6 promotable, he made the list for E 7 in 8 years and I am very proud of him. We have an eight year old and five year old twins and have been married for ten years this past may 2011. I am open to giving advice or just shooting the breeze with other military spouses. Thanks


Welcome Rena! So glad you stopped by! I hear there is already record heat in Texas, hopefully you and your kids have some indoor summer time activities planned! How long have you been in San Antonio? Where did you live before that?
Hi my name is Erin! We will be moving to San Antonio in August. I have never lived in a "Big City" and am feeling nervous about being there by myself. Do you like the area?