what is the hold
I have been a member for a long time. I am a single mother and have been depositing my paychecks for at least 6 months give or take via the mobile deposit. Today I deposited my paycheck which I have done every other week for 6 months. There was a small hold on like 8.00 or so but today it was the whole thing. I live paycheck to paycheck and like many Americans plan my bills around my payday. I have a savings account and checkin account


Now I have to wait 10 business days to have access to my paycheck that I have bust my rear for. How am I supposed to put food on my table keep my utilities on ect. I talk to the rep who passes me to a rep and says they have the right. That doesn't help pay my bills. Is USA goin to pay the late fees and the fees to have utilities turned back on. I have never had this issue. I need gas for vehicle to get to and from work. Maybe when i can't get to work i will loose my job and they will support me. This is an unfair rule and had i know this before i deposited my check i would have gone paid the 3 dollars and cashed it at Walmart. I will closing all my accounts and finding a different bank. How dare you put a hold on my paycheck. I could understand if it was a new company and it was my first deposit but it's not. It's my money and i earned it and i need it to house and feed my children. I guess this it what you get for being a hard worker and not living off welfare. Usaa better rethink this policy or they are goin to loose lots of customers

If you're depositing it by deposit@mobile or deposit@home it can be held up to seven business days.   If you deposit it in person or by mail it is available much sooner (see page 19 of this document that you got when you opened the account)  




You should ask your employer to direct deposit your pay into your USAA account.  I actually get paid one day before everyone else at work because USAA credits my direct deposit earlier than some of my co-workers banks. 


I'm sorry you have these problems.   If you're living paycheck to paycheck ask one of the USAA financial planner people for some strategies that can help - direct deposit is one, but I bet they have others.    I've always found USAA very helpful.  


You are not the only one...I have been with USAA for 10+ years and now they did the exact same thing with me...with the same response. ..and im sorry 727 but a deposit on the 7 being held until the 17th is 10 days not 7.... and I agree with original poster...I am already discusing with my family about a new bank that wont ROB me....maybe USAA should pay the intrest on my money....unless things change I WILL take my buisness elsewhere. ...
I appreciate your advise but these are options I have already looked into. My company does not offer direct deposit. We get our checked FedEx every other week from San Antonio. Believe me I am all about easy. There is not a branch within 5 hours of me and there is not a ups location within an hour. Mobile Deposit is my only option. I have worked really hard to start over in my life after a divorce from scratch and am a single mother of 2. The economy and what the government is doin is what is causing me to live paycheck to paycheck. I have been depositing my paycheck via mobile every other Monday for 6 months without the entire check being held. There has been a hold for 8.00 but not the entire thing. Financial planning is not what I need. I need to have my paycheck available like it always has been. I have all my bills set up so they are due around my paydays so I will not en cure late fees and stay within my budget. I appreciate your passion for USAA but trying to give me financial advise in not wanted nor needed. I need the money I busted my rear for like it always has been

They can hold for 7 business days (the day of deposit doesn't count nor do weekends).  So in your example 7 to 17th is really only seven business days.  It sucks to not have access to your money for that long, I certainly agree about that. 


Your best bet is to get direct deposit, I know some really small companies don't do it, but most places do.   You can even (usually) split up accounts say 50% to USAA and 50% to someplace else or by dollar amounts $100 to USAA savings and the rest to USAA checking. 

I agree that the holds on deposit@mobile suck.  It is what it is because of criminals trying to defraud the bank. Think of the IRS refund scams, and Target credit card fiasco recently.  Electronic financial transactions are the trendy new scam and unfortunately USAA has to protect itself. 


The free postage paid deposit envelopes might be an option (not the best as it is still 3 or 4 days but that beats 10 or so).   If you mail it on Friday and the post office moves it along quickly you can have it in San Antonio Monday so you'd get the first $200 on Monday and the rest the next day (according to the chart linked below on page 19).


Here is how to order the free postage paid envelopes :


This link takes you to Harland check printing, but they are really free at the end of the 4 or 5 pages you go through. 


Here is a link to the chart that shows how long holds are (except deposit@mobile which is in the paragraph above the chart on p. 19) 



I hope things work out for you. 

This happened to my daughter on Saturday. She called to find out why and it was because her account was overdrawn by a penny on June 24. They said her money Won't be available till July 24. Now she has no money for diapers or food for her 5 month old son. Because when she got gas on the 24th of June she went over a penny. We have been members of this bank for awhile and this is just ridiculous!

Dear jlewis,

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and feedback. As always, we value our member's feedback and would appreciate the opportunity to review this matter. If you could please send us a message here with further details and your daughters member number. Thanks again for posting

727 have you been paying any attention to what this person is saying? her work place dose not do direct depoits and for that matter neither does mine. I have a fee that needs to be paid in order for me to get a liscence but because USAA keeps on holding on to half of my paycheck i can't pay the fee and thus am unable to get my liscense. I am also looking into getting a seperate banking account to get around this. Not all buisness, espacially small buisness have direct deposit and USAA does not have branches everwhere so your so called advice is not at all helpful