Nice post Tanker Guy! I'm so glad someone is policing these community threads to make sure that the comments to USAA are worthy. I mean come on, right?! Who cares about women being represented in a military friendly commercial? They only make up about 20% of the military anyways! Plus everyone already knows that women in the military have historically recieved excellent treatment when compared to their male counterparts. They've had it too good for too long, am I right?
My apologizes "tanker guy" I didn't realize that USAA customer feedback threads needed to revolve around "third world problems" would a post about the availability of water in Africa or how overcrowding in India is causing disease outbreaks be more to your liking? I think you may have more luck discussing "third world problems" on another more applicable website. These posts are generally used to provide customer feedback to the company.
Seriously Laura, grow up. Aren't there real problems in the world for you to complain about? Talk about first world problems
The latest USAA auto insurance commercial only depicts male service members, how disappointing.