I love USAA; I would not change USAA for nothing.  Today I went to the Killeen USAA Kiosk to take $1,500 for a trip oversee.  Upon arrival I was greeted by someone at the door, and asked me what I was there for, I answered, she wrote down my name and told me to sit down in the waiting area with other people waiting to be seem.  About ten minutes later a bank clerk called my name, and I responded.  She approached me in the waiting room in front of all customers and asked me what I needed.  I responded that I wanted to take some money out in increment of $1, $5, $10, $20.  The bank clerk insisted how much money I wanted to take out.  I was hesitant to tell her because there were people in the room listening to our conversation; I finally gave up and told her $1,500.  She explained to me that USAA only give out money in $20 bills, and if I needed an ATM increase that I can do that on line.  She asked me to take out my phone and I did, and she proceeded to show me how to do it; then said that I can go outside to the ATM and take the money out, because the ATMs inside the Kiosk were not working.


I have a problem doing a bank transaction in front of people listening what I am about to do.  The wrong person could have been listening and waited for me outside and rob me after I took the money out. It has happened before.  $1,500 is not that much money, but people around here have been killed for less than $1,500 during a robbery.


I did not want to embarrass the bank clerk in front of people; I called her to the side of the room and explained to her my position with doing money transaction in front of people.  She said that people come over all the time and take $50,000 and nothing has happen, that she does this all the time.


I believe that the USAA Kiosk in Killeen is careless with the safety of their customer. 


Yes, it is a concern that the Customer Service Rep (CRS) felt it was appropriate to discuss your banking needs in front of others.  You did the right thing to attempt to explain your concern.  That he/she didn't understand or care meant your next conversation should be with the Lead CRS or manager.


Thank you for sharing your experience. You should never feel uncomfortable making a transaction at one of our centers and we are so sorry this was your experience. We have passed along your feedback to the appropriate areas in hopes something like this will never happen again. Thank you again for sharing and thank you for your membership.