I really wish there was an actual usaa bank that I could take my change to because I'm tired of taking it to a coinstar to get cash because it's a waste of my time and I need to save all the money I can, or they should atleast put a change depositor and change dispenser in the ATMs. USAA PLEASE CHANGE UR ATMS!!!!


Hello Roselean.91.

Thank you for your suggestion about adding a change depositor to the USAA ATMs. I have passed along your idea to the appropriate party!


There are some USAA bank locations and they can be found using this link

I keep a handful of change in my car at all times. When I need to make a "quick" stop at the grocery store, I drop a handful of change in the self checkout lane to get rid of it. It only takes a few extra moments, and will save the typical fees associated with coin exchangers.