You guys do nearly everything right! What happened with this Money Manager business? Spending Plan was a great tool because it was simple and flexible. I had it all set up to track the handful of discretionary categories that can actually be controlled, now it's been replaced with the non-functioning Money Manager over-complication device. Plus it wiped out my ability to see how I did vs. my Spending Plan targets for June. Anyway, you already know from all these posts that the budgeting tool isn't working. Even if it was working it is fundamentally a step in the wrong direction. The worst thing about personal budgeting is that it sucks you into over-complicating it, to the point where you get exhausted and quit. The new tool is dragging in more of that unneeded complexity.


The functionality is good. But, application is not simple to use. The previous version was just that.
Thanks for the effort to provide your best.

Agree...wasted an entire day.  must spend everything? In must equal out? Junk.  Catagories are all screwed up.  Sad sad sad.

I'm using the 34-day trial of "You Need a Budget" but the program costs $60.  I was excited to see a link to the USAA Money Manager when I was puttering around the site. I'm very technically savvy and I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to use this "tool".  I can't seem to create my own categories or sub-categories (despite a FAQ question/answer that seems to describe how to do it but it refers to category "drop down menus" that I simply don't have in my budget (there are predetermined subcategories but I can't change them or add to them).  I can't seem to categorize the expenses on my checking account (the "add category rule" tool isn't working and I'm assuming that's how I would do it...).


The biggest problem, aside from the lack of functionality and ease of use, is that there isn't any useful help explaining how to do all those things in detail.


This is very disappointing. As the OP stated, USAA does nearly everything perfectly but this doesn't seem to be one of those things.

We are now in mid 2016 and I have been waiting close to three years for the Money Manager tool to become a viable tool. in the meantime I have continued to use Mint.com. How is it that MM still does not allow to split transactions? Real life requires that about a half (or more) of transactions be split two or more ways. For example, a simple ATM withdrawal results in the amount withdrown plus the bank fee. The current MM can't even handle this simple transaction. And what if you go into a department store and buy clothes, hardware and furniture on the same transaction? The current MM won't allow breaking this down so the budget reflects spending in different categories. So this tool is unusable in real life. Whoever designed this app and has failed to correct even the basics shortcomings has had years to correct this and has not, and should be fired! This app remains useless to most people. USAA has really failed with this one.


Thank you for your post. We realize this topic is important to many of our members. We currently do not have a timeline as to when this feature will be available. We continue to gather and forward feedback to our team for review.