BEWARE of Camelback VW in Phoenix, AZ!!!

Alicia L.

I live in Tucson but was in Phoenix visiting a friend so I went to a dealership that was a certified dealership through USAA. What a mistake! This may have possibly been my worst car buying experience EVER, and I have purchased quite a few in my time. This is the first one I have purchased using the USAA car buying service.


In brief, I went in with a price guarantee on two vehilces. One of the price guarantees was actually for a different vehicle by Camelback said they could show me that car as well. I was extremely particular in telling the salesperson what I wanted, and didn't want, in a vehicle. I was looking for a base-model vehicle without bells & whistles that had good gas mileage. I needed a vehilce that could haul furniture, haul dogs and haul a travel and / or utility trailer. Nothing fancy. I insisted on it. The car buying process actually took two days because I was not prepared to commit the first day. The dealership pushed one of the vehicles on me to take home for the night. I did end up liking the ride, but the vehicle they put me in was a $32000 vehicle. I wanted a vehilce that was in the low-20s. Very soon after I got to the dealership, I started feeling ill (due to one of my diabilities; I am a disabled veteran), and as time passed, the illness got worse, the pain kicked in and then the pain got worse. The saleswoman knew I was ill as I kept excusing myself yet she kept pushing the deal. She ended up selling me a 2014 VW TDI Sportswagon, the second most expensive vehicle they had on their lot (even though she claimed it was the least expensive), and it had all of the bells & whistles I did not require to include "leatherette" seats. I had emphasized multiple times that I wanted cloth seats. I feel like the dealership took full advantage of my illness and pain to push this vehicle on me. I literally could not think straight. A couple weeks after the purchase, the salesperson called me to see if I "loved" my vehicle. I told her "not so much" and basically explained why it was not what I wanted at all. She offered no reconcilaiton. A week or so later, A QA representative called, I again explained why I was dissatisfied. Again, no attempt to remediate the situation was made. A submitted a "Bait and Switch" complaint to the BBB. The dealership did not respond. By the way, this dealership has almost 30 complaints against them in the past two years. I even contacted the Attorney General claiming fraud was used to sell the vehicle (it was because it was NOT the least expensive vehicle of that model on their lot, and they stated that it got much higher gas mileage than it does. They also under-stated the gas mileage for the vehicle I was more interested in.) The dealership also did not respond to my emails requesting a resolution. Bottom line: These guys are criminal! I do not know WHY USAA has them listed as a certified dealer! They should be removed from the list immediately. The only reason I went to that dealership is because they were part of the USAA Car Buying Service.