I set up autopay with USAA months ago. To date, I'm aware of 2 late fees being charged to my account. I called once to complain. The problem was fixed. So I let it go for a few months. For all I know every month since then I've been getting hit with these fees too, being that I'm often not home to open my paper mail. Tonight, I opened my mail to find that they (not I) took the money from my bank account later than the due date and tacked on a late fee. Unacceptable.


is it possible to set yourself a $ amount transaction notice in alerts? I've had a few mishaps, but mine were immediately caught, corrected, and it's never happened again. customer service has been great.
I have had automatic payments for a year. Not one payment has come out on the first as scheduled with both entities. While I dont incur any late charges I have recently incurred repossession !,,,,
Dont rely on USAA for helping with your payments or credit repair. They will tear your credit apart by refusing to mke scheduled payments on time. I assumed auto payments would be deducted from my balnce available immediately after my check becomes pending as ACH's previously set up are repetative and should be included in deductions automaically. USAA doesnt care about anyone. They cheat at the banking game allowing too much room for us to error based on ignorance of their non-traditional banking wasys
Yeah when I made a payment to the IRS of 2000 they froze my accountbrefusing to paybmybACH for my car payment !!! I didnt realise it for over two weeks and my check went in and bam!!! Froze so I had no access to my funds and prior set ACH' didnt get paid!!! So those alerts are a jokes it will lock you out of your account

...I have never used the auto-pay for credit cards - always used the PAY BILLS from the site and select 'Payment Due Date' USAA takes it from there and I never have gotten a late fee even when it was processed a day or two late... I do however use it for my insurance payments... never had any trouble with it ever...