So I am in the process of finishing my auto loan and I have this message 


Thank you, for your loan application. Your documents have been prepared and sent to you.



Only problem is now I can not find the documents. I thought they would be undre my documents and they are not. Since USAA is closed on sunday I am unable to find out what to do next. Perhaps someone here knows where they are? 


Thank you


I will suggest at the bottom of your messages if is not in "my documents" or try to start a new application and it may give you the choice to continue your last one or start a new one...
Don't put in another app, your credit will be pulled again.

well it will be pulled if the application is submited. I didnt say to submit, but often when you click start app, a drop list appears, and its happened to me that one of the choices is "continue last"

Mr Ezzco, You could also try looking in your downloads folder as sometimes documents will get put in there. Hope that may help you.