Deposited a check using my Android phone, all looked good and it was found in my account in seconds. So far, so good. 5 days later, I received a charge and the amount was debited from my account. I called and was told that the check was not accepted by the other bank - checking in my account I saw that the somment "Return to Maker" was pasted on the image. I called the sending party (a bank) who told me that USAA did not submit the check to them. I called USAA bank again and was told that the image was not clear enough to read and that I should resubmit the check - the application tells you to void or destroy the check when it is accepted (DO NOT DO THAT). I called USAA back to have the charge removed (not my error, they need to correct the fault in their software) and the CSR did that and told me to save the check "for a while" to make sure that it did not happen again and that I needed to have the check reissued. That is a 30+ day process so USAA's application told me that the image thay had was good then told me to destroy the check and 5 days later charged me for a returned check and made innacurate statements which I corrected and now I am out of access to my funds for a significant period of time. It was you application that made the error and I have been required to make 8 telephone calls to BEGIN to repair your error and will have no access to the funds for even longer. All that I got from this was the statement (clearly scripted since all 3 of the USAA CSRs used it) "we are sorry for the inconvenience" Not good enough. I am very unhappy about several things: 1. the incorrect statement from the android application that the image was satisfactory and that I should destroy the check 2. the incorrect statement that the check was returned - it was not returned, USAA failed to process it 3. charging me for your flawed application behavior 4. needing 4 calls to USAA to get a correct answer and a charge removed 5. using a scripted and meaningless phrase to cover for an error on USAA's part 6. using meaningless statements like, "Return to Maker" on a check image without explanation I believe that the android application MUST remove the statement requiring a voiding or destruction of a check and a rational timeframe to keep the check before voiding MUST be stated in the application. A scripted apology is not sufficient to make up for the loss of use of my funds for an extended period of time - find something better and fix your application. After being a member since 1978, I now question if this copmpany is reliable enough to maintain membership. I will be looking at other companies for insurance, banking, credit cards and financial services. This episode has been a huge disappointment and makes me question my association with this company.


Once the check is deposited and I hear the little cha-ching sound I usually VOID the check, but you've got me wondering if I should hold onto it a longer. 


The other thing that I have set up is for a text and/or email to be sent when a deposit is made into my account. The timing on this seems to vary, but is usually quite quick. This way I have a redundant sytem to know whether a deposit clears and makes its way into my savings or checking.


BTW, I really enjoy the convenience of using Deposit @ Mobile  feature with my phone. I never have to go into brick and mortar banks anymore thanks to this technology. Did USAA pioneer this or was this some other banks invention?


Thanks to USAA for making life easier for me.

I think remote deposit capture was first used by merchants who processed a lot of checks.  It was easier for JC Penney or some other place like that to send the images (after the law allowing substitute checks was passed) than the paper checks.   USAA was the first bank to allow retail banking customers like you and I do to it.  


I remember that had a deposit at FedEx stores for a while where the check was actually transported to USAA but very soon after that was implemented they came out with Deposit@home which required a scanner.   Now you can go to the UPS store and they send an image of the check (not like FedEx did by sending the check itself) or send the image yourself by using deposit@home or deposit@mobile


I wrote a bit about it in Wikipedia some time ago, I'm sure it has been updated since 


Do you still have the check?    It would be interesting to find out why the other bank wouldn't accept it.   There may have been some defect with the check (no signature, amounts in written and number form don't agree [written should prevail], or the date is 1914 rather than 2014) some type of problem that the person who wrote the check needs to fix. 


This is different than NSF, refer to maker (or return to maker) is almost always a problem with the check itself not the funds or the account. 


Surely you should have had a better response from USAA (and I'm not sure why the makers bank would even talk to you, they shouldn't have) 


I don't actually destroy the check or write void on it I just write the transaction number on the check and file it away in a locked filing cabinet when I use deposit@mobile.  I tend to be a bit overly cautious.


I hope this gets sorted out for you, 

The check was never sent to the other bank.  It appears the mobile deposit app accepted the check but USAA couldn't send the check to the other bank due to routing or other problems.  I have been using Alliant CU's mobile deposit for the past few years because I wasn't eligible to use USAA's mobile deposit until recently.  I have deposited over hundred checks on Alliant due to rebates and such, and have never had one bounce yet knock on wood.  Alliant specifically states:

"You do not have to mail the checks to us, however we recommend that you retain them for a minimum of 90 days before you destroy them."


I have deposited about 5 checks using USAA's mobile deposit app, and it's better in many ways than the app from Alliant, hope I don't encounter the problem OP had, that would be frustrating.  I must also add, it would be extremely difficult to find a bank with ATM rebates, mobile deposit, billpayer, zero balance requirement, and free overdraft.  I am in the process of closing several banks since I joined USAA because it alone provides me all the features in one bank that I had to get from several different banks previously.



USAA's app used to be fantastic.  Far and away the best bank app for deposits, and I used it a lot.  Lately, though, it's been terrible.  I have a check right now that I can't deposit because it can't be "processed" for some reason.  The pictures of the check are as good as any of the ones that I've deposited before.  Now I'm stuck with this check, or I have to mail it in (and pay for the stamp to physically send it--USAA won't send envelopes anymore like they used to).


They also used to be terrific on the phone too.  You could get to someone easily, and they were amazing at getting the issue addressed.  Now, it's really hard to navigate their system, and especially hard to get to a real person.  Once you have someone, there's no guarantee the problem will get addressed.


USAA, your customer service used to be the best.  What happened?